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Meetings at the greenest hotel in the Netherlands

Hotel Jakarta is one of the most sustainable hotels in the Netherlands and completely energy neutral. According to Pascal Lesimanuaja, it’s the greenest hotel in the Netherlands. Upon entering, you almost immediately encounter a tropical indoor garden, the lush green heart of the hotel.

Bring yourself, Pascal will do the same

Pascal Lesimanuaja is 45 years old. He works as Sales and Marketing Manager at Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam.

“The indoor garden is not only beautiful, it also has a sustainable function. In the summer, leaf and water evaporation cools the building down by 6 degrees,” says Pascal, Sales and Marketing Manager and involved with Hotel Jakarta from the start.

Location with a special history

In the 19th century, the Stoomvaart-Maatschappij Nederland (Netherland Line steamship company) operated regular services to the Dutch East Indies and was located on Java Island. “Across from here, you can see the Amsterdam and Rotterdam warehouses. From Amsterdam they departed to the East, and from Rotterdam they headed to the West.” In 2013, the municipality launched a competition for a hotel to be built at this location. It had to meet three conditions: incorporate the history of this place, be sustainable, and contribute to the neighborhood. This unique concept was developed based on that brief, and hotel owner WestCord was eventually given the go-ahead to build it. “This location is also special to me personally,” says Pascal. “I have a Moluccan father, and only last year I found out that my grandparents, my father, and my uncle arrived by boat and set foot on land right here for the first time.”

Get together surrounded by greenery at one of the most sustainable hotels in the Netherlands.

Sustainability implemented in all facets

Sustainability is extremely important throughout the entire concept of Hotel Jakarta and continues to be developed. Sustainable materials were used for construction. For example, 90 % of the hotel is made of wood and concrete was used for the remaining 10 percent, of which 20% is recycled concrete. The hotel’s temperature is regulated by a heat and cold storage system using water from the IJ, and 1,700 m2 (18,000 square feet) of solar panels on the roof provide the energy to pump the water throughout the building. Rainwater is collected in a basin for watering the tropical indoor garden, which also has a sustainable function. Leftover food is processed into biofertilizer. The staff wear sustainable company clothing and there are even recycled bicycles available for guests. “The 200 hotel rooms are modularly built, made entirely of wood, and stacked on top of each other like Lego bricks,” Pascal continues. “The load-bearing walls are therefore also fully responsible for the load-bearing capacity of the hotel. Furthermore, the entire hotel is finished in bamboo, a natural product that looks really nice and exudes warmth.”

Java Island, with its own unique ambience, is located just outside the city. It offers views over the wider area and the many postmodern canal houses. Although it’s completely surrounded by water, the hotel is very easily accessible by car and public transport. The historic city center of Amsterdam can be reached by bike in five minutes. During the construction, the local residents were interviewed extensively and we took into account what they felt was still missing on this island. There is a bakery in the hotel, which the local people also use and many facilities are publicly accessible. Various entrances in the building provide direct access to amenities such as the bakery, the restaurant with a terrace along the water, the gym, and the swimming pool.

Meetings: everything under one roof

“Hotel Jakarta offers 245 m2 (2,600 square feet) of meeting facilities. The rooms adjoin the indoor garden, so you are closely connected to the green heart of the hotel,” says Pascal. “We have three rooms that can be converted into one large room or divided into two or three smaller rooms. The total capacity in theater mode is 200 people. Anyone who needs a room is welcome. They can be used for anything, from a meeting or a book presentation to a farmer’s market. Because we also have hotel rooms, you can easily organize multi-day meetings. We really have everything under one roof! Organizations often book events here to find inspiration for their own vision and business operations in the field of sustainability. So, it just makes sense for them to get together surrounded by greenery at one of the most sustainable hotels in the Netherlands.”

Hotel Jakarta has reserved a special spot on the 9th floor for the Skybar Malabar, named after a dormant volcano on Java. The arrangement of the glass walls provides a spectacular panoramic view. “Imagine having a meeting in one of our rooms and then unwinding in the bar at the end of the day, with a beautiful sunset coloring the skyline of Amsterdam. What could be better?”