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The Hague has many facets

The Hague is known as the international city of peace and justice, but it is also one of the greenest cities in Europe, boasting lots of nature throughout the city. Moreover, it is the political capital of the Netherlands, many international organisations have their seats in the Hague, and it is the only large Dutch city by the sea. In my capacity as International Sales Manager at The Hague Convention Bureau I can promote a city with many different facets.

Bring yourself, Nadir will do the same

Nadir Aboutaleb is 33 years old. He works as International Sales Manager at The Hague Convention Bureau.
At The Hague Convention Bureau, we work in various clusters, key sectors that are embedded in the DNA of The Hague: Cyber Security, Legal & Policy, IT & Tech, Impact, Renewable Energy and Peace & Justice. As each of us has our own focus areas and local network of stakeholders, we give clients access to the knowledge infrastructure of the
city, enhancing the potential of an event.

Public-private collaboration

The Hague is a city where public and private institutions collaborate well. I am fascinated by that collaboration, it surprised me how eager people are to help each other out. I work with many stakeholders in the city, such as Innovation Quarter, the universities of Leiden and Delft, right up to city hall and the ministries. Before I prepare a bidbook for a client, various parties have contributed to it which is great to witness.

The Hague has lots of parks, estates, trees everywhere and of course the dunes. It is literally one of the greenest cities in Europe. It is laid out more spaciously and with a touch of grandeur when compared to other big cities in the Netherlands. And it is the only big city on the coast. Moreover, The Hague has ‘green’ ambitions too and aims to be climate-neutral already by 2030.

The Hague is literally one of the greenest cities in Europe.

Impact Economy: do well and do business

The Hague has truly embraced the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. The motto ‘do well and do business’ serves to demonstrate that economic success and social engagement go hand in hand in The Hague. There is a strong ecosystem with so many private, public and international organisations, social investors, NGOs, and dynamic entrepreneurs that want to make a difference. This is truly an Impact City and a forerunner in the field of impact economy, by joining forces to achieve entrepreneurship and impact.

The right spot for every event

The city has three interesting areas to contribute to the theme of your event. We distinguish the city centre zone, the international zone and the coastal zone. The city centre comprises modern buildings and facilities but also historic premises. You will reach the sea within 15 minutes by bicycle, and the beach stretches for 11 kilometres. Halfway from the city centre to the sea you enter the international zone. This is where you will find the embassies, the UN International Criminal Court, the Peace Palace, Europol and many more. All three zones host their own venues. But you may also focus on the distinctive features of The Hague by hosting a meeting in the international zone and a party on the beach.