Conference city Groningen


Groningen is...

the largest, or as its inhabitants would say, the only city in the northern part of the Netherlands. It fulfills a central function in the region and is easily accessible via Groningen Airport Eelde. The city of Groningen has had a rich history. Many architectural highlights from the past can still be seen in the centre, such as the old city walls and the ancient harbours surrounded by historic warehouses and authentic freight ships. These ancient facades stand in the city centre side by side with contemporary Italian architecture and buildings such as the striking head office of the Gasunie gas company, a landmark structure designed by architects Alberts en van de Huut.

Daring projects

Groningen has never been shy about taking on daring projects. The Groninger Museum, designed by a group of different architects and designers, is a work of art in its own right. The hypermodern Euroborg stadium situated on the east side of the city is an eye-catching total concept incorporating a home ground for the local football club F.C. Groningen with a massive shopping area, a college and housing projects. However, the most striking project of the last couple of years has to be Blauwestad. To the east of Groningen, an area of almost 2,000 acres has been flooded to found a completely new city, where nature will play a major role and neighbourhoods are arranged according to different atmospheres.

Young at heart

As the second-oldest university city in the Netherlands, Groningen is home to about 40,000 students, approximately 4,000 of which come from abroad. To support talent in the city, Groningen has come to an agreement on supporting young, talented students so they can accomplish the maximum results in their field. In the next five years, the municipality of Groningen, the university and the business college will invest 500 million euro’s in Groningen’s innovation and knowledge infrastructure, in order to develop Groningen as an effective centre of knowledge. The mix of students and locals give the city a very young feel, and the average Groningen resident is only 34 years old! Groningen caters to a wide range of activities; the bars are not subject to externally imposed closing times, and there is always something going on in the city. It comes as no surprise that Groningen won the title of Best Inner City of the Netherlands for 2005-2006. The centre of Groningen received excellent marks for versatility, high quality of city planning and design, good accessibility, hospitality and security.

Experience the north

Groningen has so much to offer, from the Noorderslag Festival - a huge music festival attracting over 150,000 visitors annually - to exciting exhibitions in the Groninger Museum or a relaxing bike ride in the city and its lush surroundings. Groningen welcomes you to experience a taste of the north; there is no place like Groningen.