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Meet in Maastricht

Why meet in Maastricht

The Maastricht Region offers a combination of innovative economy, an international position, and inspiring living environment. It is a melting pot of research, education and entrepreneurship, which provides an outstanding environment for meetings, events and conventions.

  • Excellent international economic and cultural climate
  • Melting pot of research, education and entrepreneurship
  • Compact city centre makes venues conveniently accessible

Meetings and Conventions in Maastricht

Maastricht can pride itself with offering an excellent climate for international meetings, events and conventions. The compact city makes venues and hotels conveniently accessible while offering more than 2,000 hotel rooms in the historic centre alone. MECC conference centre is within walking distance, allowing delegates to get most out of their business and leisure time during the event. In addition, the Maastricht Region offers more than 5,000 hotel rooms, which are all well connected with the city centre.

In addition, the municipality of Maastricht is continuously developing the city’s sustainability initiatives in the fields of waste policy, energy management and air quality, just to name a few. Maastricht has the ambition to be climate neutral in 2030. The Maastricht Convention Bureau is happy to advise about organizing socially responsible meetings in the city.

Maastricht is Europe and Europe is Maastricht

Due to its strategic location in the South of Holland and close vicinity to Belgium and Germany, Maastricht is an international city par excellence. Not only is it located close to several international transportation hubs, Maastricht also plays a big part in the establishment of the European Union: The Maastricht Treaty marked the establishment of the EU, and the foundation of the Euro, Europe’s currency, was laid here as well.

Maastricht is a melting pot of international research, education and entrepreneurship And it comes at no surprise that 60% of companies in the Maastricht region trade internationally.

In addition, Maastricht is home to the largest annual art fair in the world, TEFAF, which draws art enthusiasts and businesses from all over the world to the city in the early spring.

Let’s talk language!

The Dutch are known for having the highest English proficiency in the world. Maastricht takes the foreign language proficiency even further by having four official languages: Dutch, English, French and a dialect that is understood from Cologne to Luxembourg. This makes Maastricht a very convenient destination for international meetings and conventions.  

Eclectic mix of past, present and future

Once the place where Germanic and Roman cultures collided, modern day Maastricht is a city that has the best of all worlds: north and south, past and present. There are historic buildings and trendy shops; impressive churches and exciting caves; inspired menus and charming outdoor cafés; lively festivals and expositions of international allure; stately squares and vast vineyards. Safe to say, delegates will be anything but bored before, during and after their event in Maastricht. Have a look at what else you can do in Maastricht after your meeting.

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