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Accessibility of Rotterdam

Rotterdam is located in the western part of the Netherlands at the river Maas. Because of modern architecture, the city is very well accessible by air, train, road and water. But it is also within the city a joy to go from place to place with the excellent public transportation facilities.

  • Within 30 minute distance of two major international airports
  • Many domestic and international destinations are close by with the train
  • Ferry services to Great Britain

By air

Rotterdam is very easy to get to by plane from 317 cities in 104 countries via Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam The Hague Airport: From the airport it is just a short, 30 minute, public transport ride to the city centre.

By train

It is also easy to get to Rotterdam by train. High-speed trains such as the Thalys and Intercity Direct stop at Rotterdam Central Station, as do many Dutch domestic intercity trains. Within 2,5 hours you can be at Paris, Gare du Nord. 

By road or water

It is easy to travel around Rotterdam itself by bus, car, tram, metro or water taxi. Travelling over the river is not only fast, it makes for a great incentive as well! At all the major destinations are public transport stops and taxi stands. Good to know: There are good ferry services between Rotterdam and Great Britain. Stena Line vessels sail from Harwich to Hook of Holland which is just a 30 minutes’ journey from Rotterdam.

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