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Conference city Rotterdam

Rotterdam a dynamic city situated on the borders of the river Maas. The city is internationally renowned as one of the world’s biggest ports. Although the competition has grown in recent decades, Rotterdam still remains the gateway to Europe. Due to this prominent position and its legacy as Holland’s centre of trade during the colonial era, Rotterdam is an international city with cosmopolitan allure. Rotterdam is already over 650 years old, but the city feels young. Ever since the destruction of the city centre by World War II bombardments, it has been a symbol of the rebuilding of a country in ruins. The people responsible for rebuilding the city made a radical decision. Instead of restoring the city to its original state, they decided to build a city ready for a prosperous future. Wide roads to facilitate growing traffic and big modern buildings earned Rotterdam the nickname ‘Manhattan on the Maas’. This vision of a modern city is still evident in Rotterdam in the city’s sense of dynamic development and innovation.

Creative industry

Rotterdam is a city with ambition, drive and guts, a combination that does not go unnoticed by its inhabitants and visitors. The architecture in Rotterdam is second to none in Holland. The centre is an organic mix of modern architecture which represents many architectural schools. From skyscrapers to the characteristic Cubical Houses, from renovated warehouses that recall Holland’s historical position as one of the great colonial empires to cuttingedge clubs and galleries, Rotterdam has it all. Rotterdam is truly a city unlike any other in the Netherlands. It has always been known as a working-class city and the city’s inhabitants are proud of this. In recent times, however, this hands-on mentality has been enriched by the incorporation of creativity and innovation. The city’s ambitions have been translated to a flourishing creative industry. Many designers, artists and architects have found their professional home in Rotterdam. Famous architects such as Rem Koolhaas, H.A. Maaskant, Francine Houben and Riek Bakker have their offices in Rotterdam and have made huge contributions to the city skyline. It is no surprise that the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi) is situated in Rotterdam, as the architectural capital of Holland.

Contemporary feel

Rotterdam has a lot to offer to both its residents and visitors. The creative and innovative dynamics of Rotterdam give the city a contemporary feel. Historical features such as the inner city ports and an abundance of galleries, museums, festivals, restaurants and bars guarantee an interesting visit. With its many hotels and excellent facilities, Rotterdam accommodates both tourists and business people. No matter what you are looking for, Rotterdam is a city that has something for everyone.

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