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Facts & Figures of Utrecht

Founded over 1200 years ago, Utrecht is one of the oldest cities in Holland. Nowadays, Utrecht is the fourth city of Holland. It’s a dynamic city, thanks to the 70,000 students who live in the city. It makes the city open for new ideas and creative collaborations.

  • Largest auditorium hosts 1500 people
  • Over 1500 hotel rooms
  • In 2015 Utrecht is the depart city for the Tour de France

Meeting in the city

Number of rooms in 3* hotels: 412 
Number of rooms in 4* hotels: 907 
Number of rooms in 5* hotels: 121 
Number of room in 2* hotels and less: 256

The largest venue in Utrecht, Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs, can host over 1500 people.

Before and after your meeting

The mediaeval bishopric city of Utrecht has been an international junction for hundreds of years. Despite its centuries-long history, Utrecht is a young and dynamic city. This is largely due to the more than 70,000 students who live in the city and attend its university and colleges. Have a look at all the interesting and fun activities and sights on our after your meeting page.

A village-like feel

Founded over 1200 years ago, Utrecht is one of the oldest cities in Holland, which is clearly reflected in the city’s structure and architecture. Although Utrecht is the fourth biggest city in Holland, it has managed to preserve its local character. The compact historical city centre with its many canals, characteristic waterside restaurants and numerous parks, give Utrecht an almost village-like feel.

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