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The versatile Van der Valk hotels lend themselves perfectly for the organisation of conventions, meetings, events, exhibitions and various other business activities.

  • One point of contact for 34 locations in the Netherlands
  • Quickly & efficiently organise your meeting or event at a range of hotels
  • Modernised facilities equipped with the latest meeting technologies

The modern appointed boardrooms and meeting rooms, equipped with the latest technologies, help provide the finishing touch for your event. Combine business and pleasure, for instance with a buffet lunch, our 'live cooking' dinner, a social drink and even an overnight stay, all under one roof.

You can organise your meeting or event at a wide range of Van der Valk hotels quickly and efficiently by contacting the Van der Valk Business Service Desk. One convenient central contact for all affiliated Van der Valk Hotels.

Van der Valk Business team

The Van der Valk Business team represents 34 Van der Valk Hotels & Restaurants in the Netherlands. Surprisingly unique hotels welcoming every guest in a modern and chic ambiance, with great value for money! Our Valk Business Service Desk offers you 1 point of contact for all your bookings and requests. Please ask for our (meeting-)directories.

The unique facilities of our surprising venues

Every solution for your small or large presentation
We will equip your conference room with the latest technical equipment to ensure the success of your meeting.

Always online and always connected to our modern business equipment
Our helpful staff is always on call to make sure you’re continuously in business with the latest in copy-, computer- or printing services.

Added catering services and dinners for all your corporate events
You can complement your conference with sweet pastries, savoury snacks, a delicious lunch a (buffet) dinner or post-meeting drinks.

Almost 90% of the Van der Valk hotels have a Green key
The international eco-label within the hospitality industry to promote sustainable and socially responsible business practices.

Quality rating for conference and meeting accommodation in the Netherlands
80% of the Van der Valk hotels has at least 3 classified congress and meeting facilities


Please contact us to find out more about how we can help you with your every meeting need:

Van der Valk Business Service Desk
Tel: +31 (0)88 024 64 00
E-mail: [email protected]

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