Building Community ensures that ideas are shared and spread. Every community has its own rhythm: its own cycle of meetings, events and shared experiences. These create defining moments; times when the community becomes more than the sum of different individuals only. MCI brings these communities together, where people share the same values, ideas and projects which can lead to change and innovation.

Taking responsibility for results

The development and growth of your organisation is our mission. We will passionately devote ourselves to our client and feel responsible for the results. Together with you we want to realise our shared objectives. We do not pretend to have all the answers, but want to find the right solutions together with you.

We can support your organisation by contributing to:

• growing and developing the congress in terms of number of participants
• sharing and transferring of knowledge
• increasing the congress’ ROI

We are happy to take care of the logistics, leaving you with the opportunity to fully concentrate on the scientific contents of the congress.

Three concepts are the basis of our approach:

Explore: Collaborative exploration in order to enrich practices 
Engage: Full engagement in assignments, projects and ideas 
Share: Sharing knowledge in a way that is open and available

How we do what we do

Our core-ideologies underline our relationships with our clients and with each other, in everything we do! We are more about listening and understanding, we show more heart, effectiveness, more spirit, energy and motivation, greater results, more innovation, creativity and solidarity.

  • Customer as a focus 
  • Business with integrity 
  • Quality as a quest 
  • Commitment to the common goal 
  • Power of trust 
  • Be a team and have fun 
  • Spirit of winning 

What we can offer

To better serve our corporate and institutional clients we have refined our service portfolio to directly reflect our client demands, offering three type of activities - consulting, solutions and capabilities.


  • Association Management & Consulting (AMC)  
  • Performance Improvement 


  • Professional Congress Organization and Exhibition Management (PCO)  
  • Meetings and Events 


  • Destination Management (DMC)  
  • Audio Visual & Staging solutions 


  • Abstract and Content Management 
  • Health & Safety services
  • Learning & Development programs 
  • Marketing, Communication & New media 
  • Online Registration & Housing solutions 
  • Sustainability Services

For more information please contact

MCI Amsterdam office

P.O. Box 74713
1070 BS Amsterdam
The Netherlands 

Tel.: +31 (0)20 679 3411
Fax: +31 (0)20 673 7306 
E-mail: [email protected]