Green Meetings -
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Green Meetings

Green meetings minimize the negative impact on the environment and leave a positive impact on the community. And they make great business sense, too. Besides demonstrating a commitment to corporate responsibilities green meetings actually save money in the long run by conserving resources. Sustainability is a trend that is here to stay and green meetings will eventually become a matter of course. Find out more about what a green meeting is and how to get started with your green meeting in Holland.

What is a Green Meeting

A green or sustainable meeting or event incorporates environmental considerations to minimize its negative impact on the environment.

10 green meeting tips

Not sure how to make your meeting a green one? Here are 10 easy to execute tips to make your meeting more sustainable.

Green transportation

An important factor for a green meeting is the transportation of people and goods and the effort to reduce its footprint.

Green accommodations

The Dutch hotels and meeting venues are very active in both creating structural sustainable policies and making the efforts and effects easily recognisable by the organizer. Some best practices.

Top 10 Green Food & Beverage

Green food and beverage plays an important part in your green meeting. Here is our top 10 green food and beverage in Holland list.

Top 10 Green Social Programmes

A green meeting should have an environmentally friendly social programme for your delegates. Here is our top 10 list for green social programmes in Holland.