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Green Meetings

Green accommodation

An important part of planning a green meeting is selecting hotels and venues that support your green objectives. But how do you find these green accommodations? A great indication is eco-labels specifically created for hospitality facilities.

  • Look for hotels and venues with an eco-label
  • Select a technology-advanced venue to decrease paper waste
  • Work with venues that offer recycling programmes

Green Key label
Hotels and venues applying eco-friendly practices and policies can apply for one or more of the international eco labels. One of the most renowned certificates is the Green Key, which has been awarded to the majority of green hotels and venues in Holland as well. Tip: here is a great overview of all Green Key hotels and venues in Holland.

The Green key award is an international and prestigious eco-label that stands for the promise to help make a difference on an environmental and sustainability level. The criteria that are covered under the label are administration, transportation, green areas, indoor environment, food & beverage, energy, waste, washing & cleaning, water, guest information, staff involvement and environmental management. Once a venue has been awarded a Green Key label the standards have to be maintained – or better yet improved.

Other sustainability certificates

Next to the Green Key label, there are a number of other sustainability certificates applied in the international hospitality industry. Look for labels such as EarthCheck, Green Globe or LEED to determine if a hotel or venue meets your (basic) green meeting standards.

Tip: If you have specific green meeting requirements that are not met by your green accommodation it is always good to talk to the hotel or venue personally and discuss what the additional green options are.

Additional green meeting tips

While selecting a green accommodation for your event is a great start, there is more to planning a green meeting. And it’s easier than you might think! Take a look at our 10 tips for a green meeting.

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