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Green Meetings

Green transportation

An important factor for a green meeting is the transportation of people and goods. Travelling to and from our meeting destination creates a lot of CO2 emission and it is important to make an effort to reduce the footprint as much as possible.

  • Reduce CO2 emissions by opting for public transport
  • Compensate CO2 emissions that you cannot avoid making
  • Go Dutch: provide bikes to move between venues

Take the train to and within Holland

Holland offers fast and convenient high-speed connections from major destinations in Europe. In fact, many European cities are faster accessible by train than by plane. In addition, Holland has an excellent railroad system, connecting every corner of the country. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is one of the main train hubs making transportation from the airport to your meeting destination anywhere in the country very convenient.

City public transportation

A dense public transportation network with buses, trams and metro systems in the main cities makes it very easy for delegates to travel between airport, hotel and meeting venue. In most cities, the majority of city buses even run on hydrogen, bio-fuel or electricity so there is even less emission. Tip: use to plan your public transportation journey from A to B all across Holland.

Here is an overview of the public transportation companies in Holland’s main cities:

Amsterdam: GVB

The Hague: HTM

Rotterdam: RET  

Utrecht: U-OV (only in Dutch)

Groningen: Qbuzz

Reduce & compensate vehicle emission

If public transportation is not an option look for vehicles with lower emissions and arrange for group transfers. Hybrid and electric vehicles have become mainstream and hence offer transportation options that do not have to cost more money. They produce fewer emissions than petrol or diesel-fuelled vehicles. In addition, consider compensating the transportation emission you cannot avoid. Tip: Calculate the CO2 emission caused by your means of transportation.

Go Dutch: provide bikes!

If you want to add a special Dutch touch to your meeting, why not provide (e)bicycles for your delegates? Especially if the hotel and meeting venue are in close vicinity taking the bike is a fun and bonding group activity.

More green meeting tips

Do you want to make your event even more sustainable? Take a look at these 10 easy-to-execute green meeting tips and consider selecting a green accommodation.

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