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A different kind of green meeting at Paviljoen Makeblijde

Architecture Centre Makeblijde is a dynamic landscaping and architectural centre in the city of Houten. This regional knowledge and activity centre is dedicated to solving, exploring, sharing and creating environmental planning projects.

In the middle of a beautiful park, including several landscaped gardens in a wide variety of styles, lies this a one-of-a-kind modern building. In the glass pavilion, basic materials, such as steel, stone, glass and wood, predominate. This harmonizes the pavilion with the natural environment of the park.

Makeblijde demonstrates that great results can be achieved when all the important factors, such as environment, development, design vision, skilled construction and maintenance, are taken seriously.

The pavilion offers four rooms for meetings, with large glass walls that make you feel as one with nature. The pavilion is a surprising and inspiring place in which to meet with groups of up to 100 guests. Do not miss out on the opportunity to take a stroll through the beautiful gardens during a break. It will surely spark the inspiration and creativity of your delegates, resulting in a positive effect on the outcome of your meeting.


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