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Top 10 Green Social Programmes

A social programme plays a vibrant part of any meeting. For a green meeting, choosing environmentally friendly social programmes for delegates is just as important as choosing green food & beverage options. Here is our top 10 list with ideas for green social programmes in Holland.

  • Choose activities that support local communities
  • Be aware of the footprint your social programme produces and compensate if necessary
  • Leave a positive legacy at the destination

1. Volunteer    

Volunteering as a group is an extremely valuable experience. It is also the best way to give back to the community and therefore the top green social programme. And don’t worry about a language barrier: Most local initiatives offer volunteer options for non-Dutch speaking groups, such as Stichting Present Amsterdam and Stichting Present The Hague.

2. Green Team Challenge

The Green Team Challenge is a unique and sustainable activity where wind, water and natural energy sources play the main part. Groups compete against each other in fun and educating challenges. Green edutainment at its best. 

3. Cooking workshop at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Amsterdam

At Fifteen Amsterdam disadvantaged, but highly motivated, young adults are given the opportunity to become chefs and reintegrate into the community. Join the chef and his unique team for one of the mouth watering cooking workshops.

4. Sand castle building workshop

Holland is home to a very unique institute: the World Sand Sculpting Academy. Learn how to transform your childhood’s favourite beach activity into a piece of art. Sand and water are the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable team-building event.

5. Make your own Dutch cheese

Add a Dutch touch to your green social programme with a workshop cheese making. Step-by-step you learn how to make your own cheese at a real cheese farm. And the best thing: you get to take your cheese home. If you can restrain yourself from eating it right away that is.

6. Water bike tour

What do you get when you combine two of Holland’s icons – water and bikes? A sustainable way to discover a city. All you need is your own (wo)manpower. Change your perspective and discover Amsterdam or Utrecht by water bike.

7. Eco-art workshop

Have you ever created a painting without paint? In the eco-art workshop you only use 100% natural products to create your painting: products that are left behind by nature. Think about leaves, mushrooms, moss, grass and blossoms. You will be amazed by what pieces of art you can create with nature.

8. E-step (E-scooter) tour

The E-step, or E-scooter, is an environmentally friendly and noiseless scooter. Just sit back, hit the gas pedal and enjoy. An E-step tour is a great alternative to a cycling tour, especially if you would like to explore beyond the city limits.

9. Build a 3D mega kite

Building and operating a mega kite is probably every kid’s dream come true. Each team builds a part of the 3D kite. Eventually all parts will be put together to create the mega kite. You can even put your corporate or event logo on the kite.

10. Farmer’s Golf

Farmer’s Golf is the 100% sustainable counterpart to golfing. ‘The Green’ is a vast barnyard that does not waste unnecessary amounts of water to stay green. 10 holes are spread through the landscape and you will likely encounter a cow or two. But not to worry, no animals will be harmed in the game.

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