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Green Meetings

What is a Green Meeting

A green or sustainable meeting or event incorporates environmental considerations to minimize its negative impact on the environment. Sounds like planning a green meeting is a lot of work? It actually is quite simple and cost effective and makes great business sense.

  • Minimize the negative meeting impact on the environment
  • Save money by conserving resources
  • Demonstrate a commitment to corporate responsibilities

What is a Green Meeting?

When organizing a green or sustainable meeting there are several facts to take into consideration:

  • Choose green transportation to minimise greenhouse gas emissions and compensate the emissions you can’t avoid, such as (air)travel.
  • Try to go local for all your supply demands and let local communities benefit from your event economically, socially and environmentally
  • Choose (local) suppliers that apply their own sustainability practices and efforts
  • Avoid or at least minimise waste generation and recycle the waste you cannot avoid
  • Create awareness of your sustainability efforts amongst everyone involved in your event, from delegates to staff, from service providers to local suppliers

Green Meetings make great business sense

An effort in sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) cannot only save money; it also makes good business sense. It creates and enhances your competitive advantage and reputation in the eyes of consumers, stakeholders and investors. In addition, it might open up unexpected, new or niche markets. And don’t forget the positive marketing opportunities your sustainability approach presents. Last but certainly not least going green demonstrates a commitment to corporate responsibility, which in return improves your public relations.

How to get started

Organizing a green meeting doesn’t happen over night, but there are a lot of simple and easy-to-execute actions you can take. To get started we put together 10 tips for a green meeting. Or go directly to an overview of the green hotels and venues in Holland.

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