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Agriculture & Food

Top sector Agriculture & Food

International solutions

Internationally, the Agriculture & Food sector is taking encouraging steps. Sustainable, innovative food systems are delivering more efficient and higher food production. Taste, health and convenience are also benefiting. At the same time, Agriculture & Food is finding solutions to reduce the use of raw materials, energy, pesticides and land.

The Netherlands and Agriculture & Food

The Netherlands has a crucial role to play in delivering that progress. New developments such as ultra-local fertilisation or spraying, production in closed circuits and satellite-guided farming offer the sector prospects for the future. And that often goes hand in hand with a reduction in the ecological footprint. It is no coincidence that our country is one of the world's largest agricultural exporting countries. Of the world's 40 biggest food and beverages companies, 12 have sites or R&D activities in the Netherlands.

Top sector Agriculture & Food

The Dutch government has named 9 sectors in which it wants the country to excel. Within the top sector Agriculture & Food, government, researchers and companies are looking for ways to strengthen one another in a structured way. The parties receive targeted support from the Dutch government. Moreover, the sector is heavily organised around an internationalisation agenda.

Top team Agriculture & Food

Agriculture & Food has a top team as a medium for innovation. This team includes representatives of science, government, business and in many cases also education and other parties. The figurehead of Agriculture & Food is Aalt Dijkhuizen. He is the former chair of the Executive Board of Wageningen UR, University & Research centre for healthy nutrition and living environment. Dijkhuizen is the driver of the top team and point of contact for the sector's international action agenda.

Join the knowledge flow!

The Dutch culture of consultation is the driving force behind the partnership within the top sector. International conferences form an important link within that culture. Conference cities such as Maastricht bring together knowledge flows from the top sector, and make sure conferences attract notice within those flows.

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