Life Sciences & Health The Hague

Ever-bustling The Hague finds solutions in controversies. The Hague region combines city with beach, modern skylines with old palaces and intellect with street wisdom. Even familiar issues around Life Sciences & Health take on new contours in The Hague.

Conference facilities in The Hague

Conference facilities in The Hague from A to Z.

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Sandwiched between the University of Leiden - with its Hague Campus and Bio Science Park - and Delft University of Technology, The Hague region represents a top area for Life Sciences & Health. It is home to important research institutes, medical centres and interest organisations that contribute towards making The Netherlands one of the happiest countries in the world. Moreover, the government which nurtures that happiness and knowledge also has its seat here.

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Tour of the city

The Hague is the royal city with an 11-kilometre coastline. Visitors will be pleasantly surprised by its charming parks, historic buildings and distinctive architecture.

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