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The Netherlands‘ finest

Holland's finest Dutch designer venues

When you travel, the places you stay in are as important as the destination and the purpose of the meeting. You want comfortable surroundings, first-rate facilities and amenities, friendly and service-oriented staff, and an inspiring and relaxing ambiance. Mr. Holland is well aware of the fact that each meeting delegate’s preferences are different. He has a wealth of interesting picks for your next stay in many categories. In this newsletter he shares his fine and out-of-the-ordinary selection of hotels and venues, with a touch of Dutch design.

1. Hyatt Andaz Amsterdam by Marcel Wanders

The Hyatt Andaz Amsterdam was the first Andaz hotel on the European continent, and the first Hyatt Hotels Corporation property in Holland. This former public library on Prinsengracht has a remarkable history, and now has a new lease of life as a hotel. Internationally acclaimed top designer Marcel Wanders designed the hotel's 122 luxury rooms, with a modern slant on Dutch history. The hotel is located in the historic heart of the city, and boasts 400m2 of flexible meeting space, designed to engage and energise guests as if you were entertaining them in your own home. All Andaz hotels have an open lounge and no front desk, guests are welcomed by a host who checks them in on an iPad while they enjoy a drink, a mini bar with free non-alcoholic drinks and snacks, free WiFi, a trendy bar/restaurant, spa and wellness facilities.

Hyatt Andaz Amsterdam

2. Kruisherenhotel Maastricht by Henk Vos, with influences from Le Corbusier, Rietveld, Piet Hein Eek

Situated in the centre of Maastricht, the former Kruisheren cloister dates back to the 15th century. Together with the monumental gothic church, this complex was transformed into a very special designer hotel. The hotel boasts 60 modern rooms and three boardrooms, a library and a wine bar. The interior was designed by the internationally renowned interior designer Henk Vos. The beautiful light installation artwork was created by the German light installation artist Ingo Maurer. The complex features notable designs by masters, such as Le Corbusier and Rietveld, and by contemporary designers, such as Marc Newson, Piet Hein Eek, Philippe Starck, and Roderick Vos. These designs make for exciting contrasts with the stained-glass windows and the stunning, authentic wall and ceiling paintings.


3. Hotel Modez by Piet Paris & 30+ fashion designers

The unique Hotel Modez is situated in the city of Arnhem, in the eastern part of Holland. The name is a combination of Mode, Dutch for fashion, Design, and ArtEZ, the Arnhem Art Academy. The renowned illustrator Piet Paris created the concept and design, together with over thirty fashion designers, including the famous Spijkers&Spijkers sisters. The hotel is situated in the Arnhem fashion quarter, a revitalization of a historic district, and the rooms exude fashion. In the breakfast room you can feel the couturier at work in his office. The elevator is a mini fashion museum that takes you up along fashion photography and illustrations at each floor. Many of the twenty rooms are named after couturiers and designers who came up with surprising concepts that characterize their style.

Hotel Modez

4. Summum Private Jet Lounge by FG Stijl Architects

Summum, the Private Jet Lounge, is a unique private meeting facility at Schiphol East. Designed by FG stijl founders Colin Finnegan and Gerard Glintmeijer, the 'F' and 'G' of FG Stijl, who also designed several Michelin-star restaurants, it is a perfect match of gastronomy and design. The Summum Lounge meets the need for exclusive meeting rooms at the top end of the market. Ultimate hospitality and anonymity are key. This is reflected in the design, the first-class service, and culinary delights offered by two-Michelin-star restaurant De Bokkedoorns. The exclusive lounge has two boardrooms, a lounge with a bar, a cigar room with a patio, and a spectacular view of the runways at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The space is yours exclusively, has high security levels, and offers private jet parking directly in front of the building.


5. The College Hotel by FG Stijl

The College Hotel has won the Prix Villégiature award for 'Best Hotel Interior Design in Europe', and the Theme.nl 2005 Award for Best New Hotel Design in Holland, and is on the Condé Nast Traveller magazine's Hot List for 2006. It was also designed by successful designers Colin Finnegan and Gerard Glintmeijer of FG Stijl. The hotel offers 40 stylish boutique rooms, with different designs, four private meeting rooms, a beautiful lounge/bar, a sunny terrace, and a restaurant in the former gymnasium. The College Hotel is housed in a stylish 19th-century building, which began life as a school in 1895. Today, the hotel and restaurant continue the tradition of developing talent, as the staff are students at various hotel management schools, managed by experienced professionals.

The College Hotel

6. The Exchange Hotel by eight AMFI graduates

At The Exchange Hotel, fashion meets architecture in the most unexpected and inspiring way. All 61 rooms, ranging from 1 to 5 stars, allowing for every budget, are fit out like models. Visitors sleep in fashionable surroundings and wake up in style. Eight newly graduated and final-year students of AMFI, in Design & Fashion and Fashion & Branding, were selected to furnish the rooms of Hotel The Exchange. Each student was wholly responsible for his/her own design.

The Exchange Hotel

7. FiftyTwoDegrees by Francine Houben/Mecanoo

Located in the heart of the Arnhem Nijmegen region at 52 degrees latitude, FiftyTwoDegrees is a unique 'Business Innovation Centre'. Business, lifestyle and high tech are unmistakably intertwined. This concept is well maintained throughout the design of the building. You will recognize the distinctive hand of architect Francine Houben of Mecanoo Architects, who created a modern landmark. The centre features the latest in technology and design, as Philips Design and Mecanoo explore the use of 'Ambient Experience Design' (AED). The contemporary surroundings at FiftyTwoDegrees make for the perfect place in which to work, relax and meet. The ground floor houses a large meeting room for up to 450, which may be combined with the meeting centre on the first floor. Twenty-two luxury leather CEO seats await your delegates when they reach the 17th-floor boardroom, with the adjacent business lounge and private lounge.


8. Finley Design Studio by Marcel Wolterinck, Eric Kuster, Jan des Bouvrie and others

The Sky is the Limit - Finley Design Studios by Moretti is an exclusive prime location in Almere. It is perfect for meetings, product launches, and events for up to 500 people. A spectacular entrance leads into an amazing patio, surrounded by five boardrooms. These are all beautifully decorated by Holland’s best architects Marcel Wolterinck, Wim Hoopman, Eric Kuster, Jan des Bouvrie and Peters Design Group.


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