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Photo: Paushuize, Utrecht
The Netherlands‘ finest

Holland's finest historical meeting venues

The venue you choose for your meeting has a major impact on its success, and on how your delegates perceive the entire meeting. 

The Dutch have a centuries-long history as a seafaring and world-travelling nation, and have brought together the best from all over the world. This is reflected in the many historical buildings, once homes to the rich, warehouses, office buildings, or factories. Now, they enjoy a second life as beautiful settings for inspiring meetings. 

Holland has a surprising number of historical venues for your meetings and events. Mr. Holland has a myriad of options that he is proud of and that he wants to introduce to you.
He also has a couple of favourites, little-known gems, that he proudly shares with you.

8. Slot Zeist, 17th-century grandeur - Zeist

Built as a place of pleasure and relaxation for a Dutch count, the grandeur of this aristocratic house is experienced as soon as you enter through its stately gates. The classical and traditional interior radiates the warmth of the baroque era. 

Slot Zeist is an ideal location for a pivotal and sophisticated meeting or conference, with the rooms each accommodating up to 150. These may be combined for a spectacular, fairytale-like backdrop to an all-out celebratory party for up to 1250.


7. Het Spaansche Hof - The Hague

Out of sight on Westeinde lies one of the most magnificent venues in The Hague. The Spaansche Hof (Spanish Court) dates back to 1469. The former Spanish, and later British, ambassador’s residence has a range of rooms that may be booked separately or as a whole, with a total capacity of 350 for parties and 120 for meetings.

You may choose from the richly decorated Ballroom with elegant chandeliers, the splendid Louis XVI interior in the Parlour, and several beautiful Salons. The Garden Room has a lovely airy feel, and provides access to one of the largest private gardens in The Hague. In summer, it is an idyllic setting for your event, and in colder weather it is a beautiful backdrop.


6. BEAU – French nonchalance - Nijmegen

The Brackesteyn estate was first mentioned in historical documents in 1654. You will find everything you expect in a classical mansion in BEAU and its beautiful surroundings. The mansion, the coach house and the stunning Oranjerie greenhouse offer great views of the surrounding forest and park lanes.
BEAU offers a perfect business setting with salons, meetings rooms and the greenhouse for meetings for up to 60, for events and private dinners. The venue demonstrates that old or historical combines perfectly with today’s meeting and technology requirements.


5. Het Arresthuis – meeting in prison - Roermond

Meetings in the Arresthuis stand for effective meetings in style. This jail, built in 1862, boasts a minimalist interior that was transformed into a design venue for meetings and overnight stays in 2007. Your delegates may meet in ‘Het Archief’ (The Archives) and ‘Het Pleidooi’ (The Plea) boardrooms, and stay in one of the former prison cells. Do not worry, luxury is the keyword these days, and the ‘bread & water’ now offered is much tastier than what the venue’s former occupants enjoyed.


4. Hulstkamp Gebouw – a historical landmark in a modern skyline - Rotterdam

Authentic and grand from the outside, contemporary and stylish inside, the Hulstkamp Gebouw is proudly situated on Noordereiland, and it nostalgic outlines stand out in the futuristic skyline of Rotterdam. The Hulstkamp Gebouw is one of the few buildings that survived WWII. Built in the 1890s as a butter and cheese factory with adjacent office and warehouse, it is now one of Rotterdam’s premier venues for meetings, conferences and events from 30 to 1,000 guests max. 

Completely refurbished in 2012, the five adjoining and versatile rooms offer the latest in facilities, combined with original historical details.


3. Radio Kootwijk - Apeldoorn 

Only recently a true gem has become available on the meeting market. Radio Kootwijk is the former radio telegraph transmitter that connected Holland by phone to the Dutch East Indies from 1923, and other parts of the world later on. The silence and space around the station was essential for undisturbed connections, and resulted in the unrestricted development of nature.

After the transmitter went off the air in 1998, the dromedary-shaped building stood empty for many years. It was recently restored to its former glory, and is an exceptionally beautiful and inspiring venue for exclusive meetings and conferences in stunning surroundings.


2. Beurs van Berlage – world’s first Stock Exchange – Amsterdam

In the golden 17th century, the world's first official share trading place was established in Amsterdam. The shares traded were in the first public company in the world, the East India Company. Three centuries later, famous architect and master builder Hendrik Berlage built the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. The building’s design caused quite a stir at the time, and is considered the beginning of modern Dutch architecture. It offers an extra dimension to your event. 

Modern facilities go hand-in-hand with a unique, inspiring ambiance. Beurs van Berlage celebrates its 110th anniversary this year, and offers 21 outstanding and versatile meeting and function rooms and 4000m² of exhibit space. Beautifully designed rooms evoke the atmosphere of days gone by for small groups, while the main hall is perfect for your conference, trade show or spectacular dinner show.


1. Paushuize, meeting with the Pope - Utrecht

The centrally located city of Utrecht has a unique and exclusive new top meeting venue. The second-oldest building in the city was built in 1517 by carpenter’s son Adriaan Boeyens, who later became the only Dutch Pope in history, Pope Adrianus VI. During the last half-century, the building was the official residence of the Commissioner of the Queen in Utrecht. Extensive two-year-long renovations restored it to its original grandeur. Combining the style of times long gone by with modern technology, the building is one of the most sustainable around, and one of the very first monuments to be awarded Green Key certification. Your guests will have a meeting or reception to remember in the exclusive ambiance of the salons and meeting rooms of Paushuize. 


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