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Holland’s Finest: Top 10 industrial event venues in Holland

Mar. 21, 2017

From former coffee roasting factories and aviation schools to a flying saucer and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here are the top 10 industrial event venues in Holland.

  • Industrial venues offer multifunctional and fully flexible event spaces
  • Characteristic and inspirational venues with history
  • Transformed to meet the latest meeting and convention standards

1. Fokker Terminal – The Hague

Fokker Terminal, a former aviation school, was transformed into a stunning venue for business events and conventions. At the heart of the location lies an impressive event hall with 9m/30ft high ceilings allowing plenty of daylight. Located just outside The Hague’s city centre, Fokker Terminal is conveniently accessible from Schiphol Airport and offers more than 400 on site parking spots.

Meeting capacities Fokker Terminal: 100 – 1,000 pax
Event space: 2,000 m2 / 2,200 ft2

2. Tobacco Theater – Amsterdam

In a secret location in the heart of Amsterdam industrial meets history and design at Tobacco Theatre, a former tobacco auction house. The nine available rooms offer space and character for any type of meeting, corporate event or convention. In addition, the venue offers in-house services from event management to interior styling.

Meeting capacities Tobacco Theater: 10 – 350 pax
Event space: 200 m2 / 2,000 ft2

3. De Rijtuigenloods – Amersfoort (near Utrecht)

De Rijtuigenloods, a former carriage hangar, is a stunning and inspiring industrial event venue in the heart of Holland. Located in Amersfoort, near Utrecht, De Rijtuigenloods offers a fully flexible event space for up to 2,000 delegates. In addition, there are 15 unique breakout rooms, which include actual vehicles.

Meeting capacities De Rijtuigenloods: 10 – 2,000 pax
Event space: 3,300 m2 / 3,600 ft2

4. RDM Loods – Rotterdam

RDM Loods in Rotterdam is a former shipyard turned business and event venue. It is a hotspot for innovation right in the port of Rotterdam, which happens to be one of the largest in the world. RDM Loods is a dynamic and inspirational environment and as such a fantastic location for any type of meeting, event or convention.

Meeting capacities RDM Loods: 10 – 5,000 pax
Event space: 4,400 m2 / 4,8500 ft2

5. De Kromhouthal – Amsterdam

Cranes, steel constructions, 15m/49ft high ceilings with skylights, and waterside location – that is De Kromhouthal in Amsterdam in a nutshell. The venue also offers a harbour, inner court and restaurant making De Kromhouthal a unique location for any type of event from small board meetings to large conventions.

Meeting capacity De Kromhouthal: 10 – 2,300 pax
Event space: 3,500 m2 / 3,800 ft2

6. Maassilo – Rotterdam

Maassilo is an industrial complex of three grain warehouses that were built in in Rotterdam‘s Maas harbour within a 50 year time frame. In 2003, the warehouses were transformed into an event venue offering 15 event spaces that can be used separately or combined.

Meeting capacity Maassilo: 100 – 5,000 pax
Event space: 5,000 m2 / 5,400 ft2.

7. Westergasfabriek – Amsterdam

Westergasfabriek is a meet, work, and relax location with historic factory buildings in the middle of a beautiful city park in Amsterdam. The green does not stop in the park though: Westergasfabriek is in the transition of becoming a completely green and sustainable space. There are seven buildings that can be used separately or as a whole. And while Westergasfabriek encourages the use of its spaces for creative events the venue is suitable for all types of meetings, events and conventions.

Meeting capacity Westergasfabriek: 10 – 2,100 pax
Event space: 2,500 m2/ 26,900 ft2

8. Van Nelle Factory – Rotterdam

From the day it was completed in 1931, Rotterdam‘s Van Nelle Factory, a former coffee, tea and tobacco factory, gained international recognition due to its stunning architecture. In 2003, it was named the 10th Dutch site on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Today, Van Nelle Factory is home to over 80 companies and businesses, while offering a unique and dynamic event space for meetings, conventions and events of all sorts.

Meeting capacity Van Nelle Factory:  10 – 10,000 pax
Total event space: 10,000 m2 / 107,600 ft2

9. De Fabrique – Utrecht

De Fabrique is a historical venue in Utrecht that offers a stunning 21 hangars, warehouses and halls. All halls are fully flexible to cater to any event need imaginable. Built in 1921 as factory for the production of linseed oil and mash, De Fabruique has become one of the most characteristic and innovative event spaces in Holland.

Meeting capacity De Fabrique: 40 – 3,500 pax
Event space: 3,700 m2 / 39,800 ft2

10. Evoluon – Eindhoven

From the outside, Evoluon in Eindhoven may look like flying saucer, but from the inside the space is in fact a multifunctional meeting and convention centre. The iconic landmark was built in 1966 by the Dutch electronic and electrical company Philips and served as a science museum.

Meeting capacity Evoluon: 5 - 1,200 pax
Event space: 2,700 m2 / 29,000 ft2

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