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Photo: Strandzuid Amsterdam before an event
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Holland’s Finest: Top 3 city beaches

July 4, 2016

Summertime means beach time. But sometimes there is simply no time to go to the beach, especially during a busy meeting or event. But that does not mean you have to miss out. In Holland we just bring the beach to the city! Here are the top 3 city beaches for your event. 

  • Enjoy all the meeting advantages of the city without missing out on the summer vibe
  • Surprise your delegates with an unexpected itinerary item
  • Inspiring alternative location for your meeting or event

1. Strandzuid - Amsterdam

The number one reason why Strandzuid in Amsterdam tops the list of city beaches in Holland is in fact its location. It is obviously located in Amsterdam, but in addition it is right next to RAI Amsterdam. Taking your event from the convention centre right to the beach for break-out sessions, an inspiring lunch or dinner or just post-event drinks has never been more convenient. The seating areas are partly covered, so even if the weather is a bit off, there is no reason to worry. In addition, Strandzuid has table tennis, table football and a cozy outdoor bar, which make for a relaxed atmosphere.

Strandzuid offers a number of venues for events for up to 2.000 people.


2. Strand Oog in Al - Utrecht

Strand Oog in Al, or short Soia, is an inspiring alternative for your standard meeting and event venue. First off, there is the unique location right at the crossing of two main canals. It almost feels like you are surrounded by water! Then there are three outdoor terraces, including a roof terrace and a covered terrace, which can be used for business or leisure activities. The charming industrial restaurant is also very suitable as venue for a meeting, presentation or workshop – just in case you want to keep things indoors. Last but not least, Soia offers various team-building activities. Getting wet optional!

Tip: if you have an event in Utrecht, rent bicycles for your group and bike to Soia in a mere 15 minutes!


3. City beach De Oerkap - Haarlem

City beach De Oerkap in the historic city of Haarlem is a hidden gem. The low-key venue is perfect to wind down after your meeting or event. In case the weather is not as pleasant as expected, you can still have an outdoor experience in the self-built tent or by warming-up by the fireplace. But let’s hope you can treat your attendees to a fun and relaxed outdoor BBQ instead. While you can reserve part of the venue for your group, please note that De Oerkap is always open to the general public and cannot be rented exclusively. But that is also part of its charm.


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