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Holland’s Finest: Top 6 churches for meetings & events

Aug. 18, 2016

Some meetings and events ask for a unique venue with a ‘wow’ effect. Here are the top 6 churches in Holland that will provide a memorable backdrop for your meeting or event, no matter the size.

  • Unique and historic event venue
  • Central locations in the heart of the city
  • Suitable for any type and size of event

1. De Posthoornkerk - Amsterdam

Impress your guest with this unique and serene event location right in the buzzing heart of Amsterdam. Special about De Posthoornkerk is that the building had to be constructed on a very small surface. So the architect, renowned PJH Cuypers who later also designed Amsterdam’s Central Station and the Rijksmuseum, simply built two galleries on top of each other. De Posthoornkerk even has a cellar that offers an excellent location for workshops, presentations and smaller meetings.

De Posthoornkerk’s meeting capacities:

Theatre: 250 pax
Dinner: 200 pax
Reception: 350 pax

For more information about De Posthoornkerk please visit www.stadsherstel.nl.

2. De Orangerie – ‘s-Hertogenbosch

De Orangerie is an enchanting location in the historic city centre of ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the South of Holland. The building, formerly known as St. Joseph Church, was built in 1850 and is one of the last neo-gothic churches of that era. The interior of the church is impressive as is, but you can change the mood to fit your event by adding light and décor. Tip: the church’s catacombs, also known as Garden of Lusts, offer a more intimate setting for meetings and events for up to 100 guests.

De Orangerie’s meeting capacities:

Theatre: 300 pax
Dinner: 330 pax
Reception: 850 pax

For more information about De Orangerie please visit www.orangerie.nl.

3. Oude Jeroenskerk - Noordwijk

The Oude Jeroenskerk is a beautiful protestant church situated in the centre of the picturesque coastal town of Noordwijk. The interior of the medieval church is rather plain, which makes it very suitable for any type of meeting or event. Don’t let this fool you though. Oude Jeroenskerk is still an impressive building, which has been updated with modern standards. Unique about this event venue is that Oude Jeroenskerk still serves as church today.

Oude Jeroenskerk’s meeting capacities:

Theatre: 500 pax
Dinner: 500 pax
Reception: 800 pax

For more information about Oude Jeroenskerk please visit http://kloosterevenementen.nl

4. Nieuwe Kerk – The Hague

Nieuwe Kerk is probably one of the most distinct buildings in the city centre of The Hague. In fact, it is in the top 100 of the Dutch UNESCO monuments. A unique feature of the building is that there are no pillars; so all your event delegates will have an unobstructed view of speakers and presentations. Nieuwe Kerk also serves as additional concert venue for the adjacent Anton Philips Concert Hall. The relevant acoustic enhancements give the interior a modern feel making the venue suitable for any type of event.

Nieuwe Kerk’s meeting capacities:

Theatre: 550 pax
Dinner: 420 pax
Reception: 600 pax

For more information about De Nieuwe Kerk please visit www.nieuwekerkdenhaag.nl.

5. Pieterskerk - Leiden

From an intimate corporate meeting to an international convention, Pieterskerk in Leiden is an authentic and historical location to suit your every need. Unique about Pieterskerk is that it offers an array of meeting and event rooms. From the choir to the church’s library, from a 17th century room to the former sexton’s housing. Imagine the possibilities! And, Pieterskerk is not only a national monument; it also got certified with the Golden Green Key in 2011.

Pieterskerk’s meeting capacities:

Theatre: 2,000 pax
Dinner: 800 pax
Reception: 1,300 pax

For more information about Pieterskerk please visit www.pieterskerk.com.

6. Laurenskerk - Rotterdam

Nestled in the middle of Rotterdam’s modern architecture you will find the historic Laurenskerk. The former church is in fact the last remaining medieval building in Rotterdam. Your guests will be impressed by the characteristic interior, which includes impressive chandeliers and the church’s original organ. Laurenskerk is suitable as main meeting or event location or for example as dinner venue. Also good to know: Postillion Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam is just around the corner.

Laurenskerk’s meeting capacities:

Theatre: 900 pax
Dinner: 1,000 pax
Reception: 2,000 pax

For more information about Laurenskerk please visit www.laurenskerkrotterdam.nl.

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