Top ideas to include in your incentive program in Holland -
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The Netherlands‘ finest

Top ideas to include in your incentive program in Holland

Holland is an excellent country for conferences and meetings. It has many fine hotels and other accommodations, a first-rate infrastructure, and you can traverse the entire country in just a few hours. Holland also has much to offer for incentives.

Research shows that participants in incentive travel especially appreciate the chance to rub shoulders with top executives and to network in a relaxed setting with top executives and colleagues.
Moreover, CSR and Strategic Recognition are top trends for incentives in 2013, according to the ‘Workplace Trends Report’ by Sodexo Motivation Solutions.

Mr. Holland shares some of his favourite activities to be included in your incentive in Holland:

Mega kiting on the beach

Holland has some top beaches. It is a great feeling to fly your kite and to prevent it from falling mercy to the wind. The Dutch twist is to jointly build and operate your mega-flyer.
This is a special team project in which group effort and communication are key. Each team of 4-5 people constructs a small kite. Rather than each group trying to get their own kite airborne, all parts are combined into a mega 3D kite. The whole group puts it to the test when they launch the kite together on the beach. Will it stay up in the air?  

Water & speed – a perfect match

Water sports activities have always had great appeal to people. We are quite sure that you have never seen the port of Rotterdam this way before! Experience the power of the engines of the Rigid Inflatable Boat that allows you to race through the Port of Rotterdam at great speed. 

Barefoot golf with a Dutch twist

If your group has any golfers, they will know that the bunkers are usually a big challenge. Imagine the challenge when the entire golf course is a bunker! In several Dutch coastal cities, a special 18-hole golf course will be created exclusively for your delegates along the beach. They walk along the coastline and play barefoot golf. This is an event your delegates will never forget. 

Life Rescue

Life Rescue is a simulated rescue event. Collaborating on the unpredictable sea means planning, allocating responsibilities and taking risks. Only if this is done well will the rescue efforts stand a chance to succeed. How does your team act in challenging circumstances? A once-in-a-lifetime experience, with the help of the real rescue brigade. 

The Phone – city challenge

Groningen city is a beautiful gem in the north of Holland. Discover its centuries-old history and modern architecture in The Phone. This is a team challenge event that combines a mysterious city game with the use of modern technology – your smart phone – as your guide.

Release the Tarzan in you

One of Holland’s most beautiful forest areas, the Veluwe, boasts a unique treetop track. High up in the trees you will go from tree to tree, with ropes, planks, skateboards, and your own strength. Safely secured you will experience the life of Tarzan while swinging from one tree to the next.  

On the tracks

Imagine your group’s reactions when you invite them to join you for an unforgettable driving experience at famous Circuit Park Zandvoort. Maintaining high safety standards, you will get to drive a variety of sports cars, from super cars to go-karts, from drag racing to a Ferrari F430. Feel the adrenaline levels rise when your instructor waves the flag for your high speed experience.  

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