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Utrecht has been stealing the hearts of ambitious young people for centuries. Guided by the experience of generations before them, 70,000 students keep this medieval city young. This has helped create a dynamic city with a more highly educated population than elsewhere. It's a city where the strong Chemical Engineering industry is expanding horizons.

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Henry van ’t Hoff (1852–1911) was the first Utrechtian to receive the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. He was an independent-minded character, who heedlessly put the logo of his favorite bar on his dissertation. He was also a genius who dared to view molecules as three-dimensional objects. After Van ’t Hoff, three fellow Utrechtians won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Their pioneering work gave the entire region a boost. Utrecht is a very appealing option for a chemical engineering conference with the right formula.

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The easy access to Utrecht's historic city center, with its Dom Tower and quaint Old Canal, makes touring the city irresistible.