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Top sector Creative Industries

The Netherlands and the Creative Industry

The Dutch Creative Industry has been growing at a faster pace than other sectors for years. Well-known creative companies such as G-Star, Guerrilla Games, Endemol, Layar and Droog Design benefit from the favourable conditions in the Netherlands. Some 5% of all firms in the Netherlands now fall within the creative sector, which employs 172,000 people. The Netherlands is among the world's biggest international players, and is the market leader in the export of creative services, for example.

Bridge to other sectors

The current competitive climate calls for innovative strength. Ideas, experiences and thought processes are penetrating ever further. And the Creative Industry is increasingly acting as a bridge to other sectors (cross-overs). For example, the care sector is embracing serious gaming; high-tech is gradually merging with design; and architecture has set its sights on our climate objectives. The Dutch government understands the impact of the Creative Industry and has awarded the sector the special status of 'top sector'.

Top sector Creative Industry

The Dutch government has named 9 sectors in which it wants the country to excel. Within the top sector Creative Industry, government, experts and companies are looking for ways to strengthen one another in a structured way. That joining of forces has yielded a rich knowledge infrastructure for the sector. The parties receive targeted support from the Dutch government. Moreover, the sector is heavily organised around an internationalisation agenda.

Top team Creative Industry

The Creative Industry has a top team as a medium for innovation. This team includes representatives of science, government, business and in many cases also education and other parties. The figurehead for the Creative Industry is Barbera Wolfensberger. She is the CEO of the FHV BBDO advertising agency and a board member on two industry associations for the creative sector. Wolfensberger is the driver of the top team and the point of contact for the sector's international action agenda.

Join the knowledge flow!

The Dutch culture of consultation is the driving force behind the partnership within the top sector. International conferences form an important link within that culture. Conference cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam bring together knowledge flows from the top sector, and make sure conferences attract notice within those flows.

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