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Top sector Logistics

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Although the Netherlands accounts for only 1% of global production, we have scored highly on the European Commission's EU Transport Scoreboard and in the Logistics Performance Index for many years. The country's rich history in the sphere of logistics, its excellent knowledge infrastructure and the presence of the 'mainports' Schiphol and the port of Rotterdam give the Netherlands an international top position. To put it another way: in the Netherlands you will find the solutions to congestion, high costs and regulatory burdens.

The Netherlands and Logistics

The Netherlands has an open ICT platform on which companies and government agencies share information. As a result, arrival times are more reliable, there is a better grip on modes of transport and transport capacity, and more cargo can be grouped together. The Netherlands is also extremely advanced in synchromodality. This sustainable and cost-saving approach uses different modes of transport side by side, with the exact form used - rail, road, inland navigation, short sea, pipeline - being irrelevant. Advanced Cross Chain Control Centres (4C) link information flows to goods flows.

Top Sector Logistics

Large companies such as ASML, DAF, IMB and Vanderlande see the benefits of the Netherlands and also recognise the support received from government. The Netherlands has designated 9 top sectors in which it wants the country to excel. Within the top sector Logistics, companies, knowledge institutions and government are looking for ways to strengthen one another in a structured way. The parties receive targeted support from the Dutch government. Moreover, the sector is heavily organised around an internationalisation agenda.

Top team Logistics

Logistics has a top team that encourages innovation. This team includes representatives of science, government, business and in many cases also education and other parties. The figurehead for Logistics is Aad Veenman. He is the former CEO of Stork (asset integrity) and chief executive of NS (Dutch Railways). Veenman is the driver of the top team and point of contact for the sector's international action agenda.

Join the knowledge flow!

The Dutch culture of consultation is the driving force behind the partnership within the top sector. International conferences form an important link within that culture. Conference cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam bring together knowledge flows from the top sector, and make sure conferences attract notice within those flows.

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