Action <-> Reaction: 100 years of kinetic art at Kunsthal Rotterdam

July 17, 2018

In the fall of 2018, the Kunsthal Rotterdam will cover the complete range of kinetic (moving) art in the exhibition Action <-> Reaction. It will feature work by the most famous kinetic artists in the world. This impressive retrospective will offer Kunsthal visitors an opportunity to experience art that appeals to all the senses. Feel, watch, smell, hear and experience the rhythms, flashes, vibrations, instabilities and force fields right up to the cosmos! The exhibition is a revival of the successful 2013 Paris exhibition ‘Dynamo’ and is realised in close collaboration with the Grand Palais in Paris.

With over 90 artworks, subdivided into twelve themes (light, movement, structure, rhythm, radiation, vibration, instability, spatiality, vortex (swirling), immateriality, force fields and cosmos), the exhibition will show an impressive retrospective of kinetic art, including its history and the various aspects and perspectives that make this art kinetic. The artists John Armleder, Pol Bury, Alexander Calder, Jan van Munster, Ann Veronica Janssens, Philippe Decrauzat, Jeppe Hein, Anish Kapoor, Zilvinas Kempinas, Frantisek Kupka, Yayoi Kusama, Julio Le Parc, Francois Morellet, Jesus Rafael Soto and many others, will all be represented by their work.


After World War II, while art was fighting for its autonomy, kinetic art played an important role in dematerializing art. Art can only really become art when it is seen or experienced by the viewer. In the current postmodern age, where the performative arts have become more important and all senses are addressed, the experiences of movement and sight are again central to many artistic practices. All the more reason therefore to programme an exhibition like Action <-> Reaction.