Arts Holland Campaign launches in the UK -

Arts Holland Campaign launches in the UK

Arts Holland campaign launches in the UK

This week NBTC has launched an Arts Holland campaign Meet the Dutch Masters in the UK. The initiative includes leading cultural attractions in Holland and aims to encourage visitors from the UK to travel to Holland with campaign partner Ryanair. The campaign also focuses on the proximity of Dutch cities in relation to one another and aims to encourage a regional spread of visitors and city hopping.

Noordbrabants Museum, Den Bosch

The Arts Holland trail begins in Brabant, a region located in southern Holland (and home to Eindhoven Airport). In the medieval city of ’s‑Hertogenbosch (known locally as Den Bosch) Noordbrabants Museum displays the richness of the art, history and culture of the region. It is the only museum in southern Holland to house original works by Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) and the permanent collection also includes pieces from the late Middle Ages and 16th century works by Pieter Breughel the Younger.  Visitors can also find contemporary art exhibitions and examples of Dutch Design on display at the museum. The museum is situated in an elegant 18th century Governor’s Palace in the heart of the city. 

Uniquely, 500 years since artist Hieronymus Bosch died, the majority of his compositions have returned to Den Bosch (his hometown) and are being displayed at the Noordbrabants Museum until 8 May 2016. It is the highpoint in a series of events organised throughout 2016, inspired by Bosch’s legacy. Later this year the Noordbrabants Museum will host the exhibitions ‘Jan Fabre: Tribute to Hieronymus Bosch in Congo’ and ‘Van Eyck, Brueghel, Jordaens – Masterpieces from Romania’.

The Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

The concert hall located on the Museum Plein holds over 700 concerts a year attended by some 700,000 visitors, The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam offers a varied programme featuring the world’s best musicians, orchestras and conductors and a diverse selection of musical genres ranging from classical to jazz to pop.  In addition to evening performances, concerts are also hosted on Sunday mornings.  Plus, in the summertime (July and August), you can enjoy the Summernights concerts at The Concertgebouw, where top musicians from around Holland perform much loved classical pieces and some surprise compositions.

Previous concerts at the Concertgebouw have featured legendary artists such as Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss, Cecilia Bartoli, Louis Armstrong and Sting.  Since hosting its first concert in 1888, the concert hall has become famous worldwide for its exceptional acoustics and it is also home to one of the world’s leading orchestras; the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Escher in the Palace, The Hague

The Museum is housed in a former Royal palace and is dedicated to the work of the world famous graphic artist M.C. Escher (1898-1972). Nearly all his prints are exhibited for example: Belvedere, Drawing Hands, Waterfall and Ascending and Descending. This remarkable permanent exhibition gives an insight into how Escher changed fishes into birds, made water flow upstream and showcases his lesser known, but attractive early Italian landscapes. On the first (main) floor you can see how Escher’s work progressed from depicting the real world to his fantasy worlds. Optical illusions abound in his work and the presentation on the second floor shows his more playful side working with reflection, perception and perspective.

The former winter palace, which houses the exhibition, was bought and extensively altered by Queen Emma in 1896, the great-great-grandmother of today’s King of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Willem Alexander. Queen Emma’s successors (Queens Wilhelmina, Juliana and Beatrix) used the palace as their main office. Queen Juliana was the first monarch to depart from the palace in her golden carriage on ‘Prinsjesdag’ (Princes Day) for the official opening of parliament.

Gemeentemuseum, The Hague

The Gemeentemuseum has a collection with no fewer than 150,000 items and such is one of the largest museums in Holland. It is housed in an art deco gem of a building designed by the Dutch architect H.P. Berlage.

The museum is home to the world’s largest collection of works by Piet Mondrian. From quintessentially Dutch landscapes, via brightly coloured dunes and windmills to his primary coloured abstract paintings. One of the finest examples being his last painting Victory Boogie Woogie (1942-44).

In 2017, Holland celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Dutch artistic movement De Stijl. The Gemeentemuseum will commemorate this with an exhibition displaying their entire collection of Mondrian works numbering in excess of 300 pieces.

The Mauritshuis, The Hague

The Mauritshuis picture gallery displays some of the finest examples of Dutch painting from the Golden Age. The compact, world-renowned collection, is situated in the heart of The Hague. Masterpieces such as Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp by Rembrandt, The Goldfinch by Fabritius and The Bull by Potter are on permanent display in the intimate museum rooms of this seventeenth-century house. More than two hundred top works from Dutch and Flemish masters have a place within the classic interior, which exudes a relaxed atmosphere with its silken wall coverings, chandeliers and monumental painted ceilings. Other artists works on display include Coorte, Rubens, Ruysdael and Jan Steen.

The Mauritshuis has been situated at the Hofvijver in The Hague, for more than three-and-a-half centuries. The current museum was originally built as private home for earl Johan Maurits of Nassau Siegen. Maurits, the governor of the Dutch colony in Brazil chose the best architect of his time for the classical building: Jacob van Campen. In 1822, the Mauritshuis became a museum, and it has since housed what was originally the royal collection.

Fly to Holland with Ryanair

Experience the culture of Holland from just £19.99 with Ryanair.  With 15 flights a week from London Stansted to Eindhoven and 4 flights a week from Manchester to Eindhoven, Ryanair provides direct access to the heart of Holland.  When flying Ryanair, it is now possible to take a second cabin bag on-board for free. Other new initiatives from Ryanair include a mobile app and boarding passes and the fleet includes brand new Boeing 737-800 aircraft with extra leg room.

Sandra Ishmael, UK Director, Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions:

“We are very pleased to launch this exciting initiative in the UK. With over 1.9 million British visitors to Holland in 2015, Holland is a highly popular choice for City Breaks. With this campaign we aim to promote the close proximity of Dutch cities to one another and to encourage British visitors to explore and experience the broad array of culture on offer in Holland”.


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