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Photo: head of a wooden Buddha statue at the Tropenmuseum Amsterdam

Buddha exhibition to Tropenmuseum

Aug. 25, 2016

The successful exhibition The Buddha - a life story and a source of inspiration can be seen in the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam from 23 September.

  • About one of the most inspiring figures in world history
  • In five months the exhibition in Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden has attracted more than 70.000 visitors
  • There have never been so many Buddha statues exhibited in the Tropenmuseum at the same time before

Buddhism is hugely popular. Holland alone has around 500 Buddhist centres. Why do we all fall for the portrait of the Buddha? And what do we actually know about this icon? How is Buddhism experienced worldwide nowadays? With the help of reports, impressive photos and interviews, this exhibition answers these questions.

Buddhism worldwide

The Buddha exhibition is a journey to important Buddhist sites worldwide. From centuries-old Chinese monasteries and Buddha’s birthplace in Nepal to the Indonesian Borobudur. Documentaries give an impression of Buddhism in Holland, the so-called Tulip Buddhism.

Unique international top items

About 100 Buddha statues can be seen in the exhibition. One of these is a Buddha statue from Nepal that the Nepalese ambassador gave to the museum in May this year. A rare Vessantara scroll, more than 35 metres long with scenes from a previous life of the Buddha, can also be seen. With other top items from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the Museum für Asiatische Kunst in Berlin and the Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore, these objects tell the story of the Buddha’s life.

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