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Hieronymus Bosch Exhibitions

Apr. 12, 2016

Exhibitions 2016 in the theme of Hieronymus Bosch

Bosch Grand Tour in Het Noordbrabants Museum

The 500th year since the death of Hieronymus Bosch is being commemorated in 2016 with an extensive cultural programme. The undisputed highpoint is the exhibition 'Hieronymus Bosch - Visions of genius' (13 February to 8 May 2016). Het Noordbrabants Museum will be presenting an unequalled selection of the medieval master in his home town, ’s-Hertogenbosch (also known as Den Bosch). Joining it as part of the Bosch Grand Tour, will be four different exhibitions inspired by Hieronymus Bosch's legacy.

Jan Fabre: Tribute to Hieronymus Bosch in Congo

11 June to 18 September 2016

Between 2011 and 2013, the Belgian artist, Jan Fabre (Antwerp, 1958), created a series of monumental mosaic panels with the title 'Tribute to Hieronymus Bosch in Congo'. The series was a part of his critical reflections on Belgium’s colonial history, a theme which has often appeared in Fabre’s work since 2002. 'Tribute to Hieronymus Bosch in Congo' is a symbolic depiction of the atrocities and absurdities which Congo has undergone, making use of the visual language of the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch.

Van Eyck, Brueghel, Jordaens – Masterpieces from Romania

18 June to 9 October 2016

Flemish and Dutch masters from the period before and after Hieronymus Bosch. The Brukenthal Museum collection was assembled by Baron Samuel von Brukenthal (1721-1803), and includes many masterworks from various European schools of painting. Works from Jan van Eyck, Hans Memling, Marinus van Reymerswaele, Jacob Jordaens, David Teniers, Jan van Goyen, Leonaert Bramer and Pieter Brueghel de Jonge can be seen. These artists raised the art of painting in the Low Countries with Bosch to the very highest level. Nearly all of the fifty works are never been exhibited in Holland before.

The Return of the Elephant

29 October 2016 to 29 January 2017

Hieronymus Bosch soon found his imitators in paintings, engraved copies and even tapestries. The exhibition includes 16th century gravures, carvings and a new tapestry designed by Jan Fabre and woven by the TextielMuseum: a contemporary re-interpretation of the lost tapestry, The War Elephant. The original tapestry was part of a five-part series which were based on paintings by Hieronymus Bosch. In collaboration with the Textielmuseum Tilburg.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Gurt Swanenberg and Pieter Bruegel

29 October 2016 to 29 January 2017

The art work The Seven Deadly Sins is a source of inspiration for the visual artist, Gurt Swanenberg ('s-Hertogenbosch, 1976), who uses an exceptionally fine brush to paint animal skeletons with amazing detail. Swanenberg's work will be shown with gravures by Pieter Bruegel de Oude, published by Hieronymus Cock in 1558.

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