Keukenhof theme 2017: Dutch Design -

Keukenhof theme 2017: Dutch Design

Oct. 11, 2016

Stationsweg 166a
2161AM Lisse
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On Thursday, 6 October, gardeners of Keukenhof planted the first bulbs for a spectacular flower mosaic of Dutch Design. Planting the mosaic emphasizes the autumn planting at Keukenhof.

  • The coming months will see approximately seven million bulbs planted in the park
  • The flower mosaic depicts a Mondriaan painting combined with designer chairs
  • Keukenhof 2017 opens from 23 March until 21 May

Dutch Design

Dutch design is incorporated in the flower bulb mosaic, one of the highlights of the theme year. In addition, the flower shows in the Oranje Nassau Pavilion are entirely in the style of Dutch Design. Two of the inspirational gardens are also dedicated to the theme.

Dutch Design is characterized by Dutch sobriety combined with innovative solutions. Famous artists and designers such as Mondriaan and Rietveld, have laid the foundations for Dutch design. Even today, Dutch designers are appreciated worldwide for their industry-leading designs in fashion, graphic design, architecture and furniture design. They are the source of inspiration for the theme of the next Keukenhof season.

The flower mosaic depicts a Mondriaan painting combined with designer chairs. The mosaic is planted in two layers, providing a longer flowering period in the spring. The mosaic covers an area of 250m2 and will be planted in two layers with 80.000 tulips, muscari and crocus.

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