Mauritshuis presents Slow Food. Still Lifes of the Golden Age -

Mauritshuis presents Slow Food. Still Lifes of the Golden Age

Dec. 20, 2016

Plein 29
2511CS The Hague
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From 9 March through 25 June 2017 the Mauritshuis presents Slow Food. Still Lifes of the Golden Age, the first exhibition to be devoted to the development of still lifes depicting prepared food – called meal still lifes – that were created in Holland and Flanders from 1600 onwards.

  • The cornerstone of the exhibition is a masterpiece acquired by the museum in 2012, Still Life with Cheeses, Almonds and Pretzels by Clara Peeters.
  • The exhibition also features masterpieces from the Museo Nacional del Prado in Madrid, Washington’s National Gallery of Art, Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum and others.
  • Arranged artfully between the items of food are fine glassware, gilded goblets, pottery jugs or oriental porcelain, all rendered in the finest detail.

From 1600 onwards, richly set tables piled high with tempting morsels and precious objects became a popular artistic theme. The detailed depiction of food, fine silver and glassware laid out on the table was a subject favoured by various painters. The Mauritshuis traces the development of this genre through a selection of some twenty paintings. The earliest meal still lifes came from Antwerp, where they were executed by artists such as Clara Peeters and Osias Beert. At the same time the genre flourished in the Northern Netherlands thanks to the work of Haarlem-based painters like Floris van Dijck and Nicolaes Gilles.

Mini food festivals

The museum will organise small-scale food festivals during the exhibition, which will centre on the delicacies depicted in the paintings. A range of activities focused on food and drink will also take place on Saturdays during March and April.

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