Offshore Experience -
Marco de Swart
Marco de Swart
Photo: Children at an display Offshore Experience Maritiem Museum Rotterdam

Offshore Experience

Dec. 6, 2016

In a world where everyone has an opinion on energy, the Maritime Museum Rotterdam is offering its visitors a unique experience around energy production at sea, both now and in the future. Offshore Experience will open in mid-December

  • It will provide visitors a spectacular overview of the search for oil, gas, wind energy and renewables at sea.
  • People of all ages will be able to embark on a challenging search at sea for energy.
  • Over forty five leading companies in the shipping and offshore maritime sector contributed to the funding for this exhibition.

Visitors can experience what it is like at sea

Visitors to Offshore Experience can experience what it is like to work at sea, perhaps even 3 km below the surface. Wearing a safety vest and helmet, they will experience what it is like to be on an offshore construction in the middle of the sea. A 360° film projection stimulates the senses. Ships come and go and helicopters land. Models of the newest and most advanced offshore ships will demonstrate their capabilities. Offshore employees will offer a glimpse into their lives at sea, and simulated presentations will enable visitors to experience for themselves how drillers, crane drivers, wind turbine specialists and helicopter pilots undertake their demanding tasks on the open sea, in a constant battle with the elements. A lift will take visitors down to a mysterious undersea world, from just below the surface to a depth of 3 km. The adventure ends in the future, as visitors vote for the best sustainable idea for producing energy at sea.

As well as developing the exhibition, the museum is also expanding the limits of Holland’s maritime heritage by adding offshore to its collection policy. It is carrying out extensive research into the history of the offshore sector in collaboration with Erasmus University and setting an innovative course in terms of technology education and project-funding.

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