Online video campaign #FollowVanGogh -
Photo: Self-portrait as a painter Vincent van Gogh 1887 – 1888 Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Van Gogh Foundation)

Online video campaign #FollowVanGogh

July 24, 2017

Van Gogh Europe initiated an online video campaign by No Dutch No Glory, called #FollowVanGogh in which fans are invited to tread in the footsteps of the world renowned artist Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890). The videos follow three friends Jiro, Frank and Ruben, on their trip across Holland, Belgium and France. Van Gogh lived and worked in these countries and his work can be widely admired here. The three-part campaign has already reached one million views (see


The inspiration for the tour was The Vincent van Gogh Atlas, a publication about Van Gogh's journey through Europe, published by Rubinstein publishers in collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum. Taking this book with them, the three friends Jiro, Frank and Ruben, also employees of No Dutch No Glory, set out with the intention of getting to know the artist better on their travels, to see with their own eyes what he saw and to capture these images in a candid report. During 12 days of travel they covered 3,000 km and visited 21 cities, five museums and numerous unusual places which had some connection with Van Gogh.

Director Ruben Duipmans talking about this experience: “I would never have thought I would find it so interesting. I gradually came to understand Van Gogh better and to appreciate his work. This trip has made me realise what an interesting life Van Gogh had and that there are many more colourful elements than the dark and gloomy side of his life that are usually associated with the artist.”

Van Gogh Europe Board member Milou Halbesma (Van Gogh Museum) on the subject of this production: “The makers have succeeded in showing a contemporary and personal journey. The video series shows that in addition to the locations with tangible memories of Van Gogh or the museums where his work can be admired, many of the landscapes have not been affected by time. We hope that fans around the world will themselves be stimulated to step in the footsteps of their beloved painter.”

International collaboration

Van Gogh Europe is an international collaboration comprising about 25 organisations in Holland, Belgium and France. They are actively engaged in maintaining and promoting Van Gogh’s heritage. Route Van Gogh Europe is inviting visitors to tread in the footsteps of Vincent van Gogh. It is bringing together three countries, six museums, nine heritage locations and fourteen towns.

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