Space Waste Lab

September 5, 2018

This is one of the most threatening environmental concerns of our time" -The Guardian

Right now, there are more than 29.000 objects larger than 10 centimeter floating around the earth. It is space junk; parts of broken rockets and satellites. This waste can damage our current satellites, with collisions creating more space debris and disturbing our digital communications. And nobody knows how to fix it.

Dutch artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde, best known for award winning interactive projects such as ‘Waterlicht’, ‘Smog Free Project’ and ‘Icoon Afsluitdijk’ announces the start of a new largescale project 'Space Waste Lab' at Kunstlinie Almere Flevoland. Space Waste Lab is a long-term program to create a new perspective on space waste.

“We need to look at space in a better way. What is space waste, how can we fix it, and what is its potential? Space Waste is the smog of our universe.” - Daan Roosegaarde

Roosegaarde’s Space Waste Lab is a living lab which is supported by space experts such as ESA, NASA, students and visitors. The exhibition enables visitors to experience space debris not only as a threat but also as a potential source for new creativity. Phase one starts with a unique large outdoor installation including LEDs and real-time tracking information. The indoor exhibition consists of a real piece of space debris accompanied by an education and conference program with space waste experts. Space Waste Lab can be visited from October 5, 2018 until mid-January 2019 at KAF in Almere.

Join us on our journey towards a clean air space. More information on programming will go live shortly on: and 

About Daan Roosegaarde

Roosegaarde graduated from The Berlage Institute with a master’s in architecture. He founded Studio Roosegaarde in 2007, where he works with his team of designers and engineers towards a better future. Together they develop ‘Landscapes of the Future’ building smart sustainable prototypes for the cities of tomorrow. Roosegaarde is a Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum and named Artist of the Year 2016 in The Netherlands. 

About KAF

Kunstlinie Almere Flevoland (KAF) is the cultural hot spot in Almere and Flevoland. The main goal of KAF is to make everyone happy with art: whether it is theatre, architecture, music or dance, all disciplinesare represented. KAF’s program is creative and contemporary, and it tries to inspire and educate within the four fundamental elements that built KAF: THEATRE, EXPO, ACADEMY & CITY LOUNGE.