Van Gogh’s World, Photography Exhibition, Vincent van Gogh House, Zundert

12 Nov 2014

Until 8 March 2015

As part of Van Gogh 125 in 2015 the Vincent van Gogh House and Breda Photo have organised a photography exhibition in the garden of the Vincent van Gogh House, Zundert. Three Dutch and two Japanese photographers are exhibiting  their interpretation of ‘Van Gogh’s World’. The participating photographers are: Paul den Hollander, Hanneke van Velzen, Anne Greene, Aki Tanaka and Katsumi Omori.

These contemporary photographers were inspired by Van Gogh’s love of nature. We see the surrounding area of his birthplace Zundert, the flowers in his mother’s garden and the blossoming fruit trees he painted numerous times. There is a strong relationship between Japanese culture and flowering tree branches. The ‘sakura’ (symbol of ephemeral beauty) also had a special meaning to Van Gogh. His ‘Almond Blossom’ was inspired by Japanese prints and is one of the most beloved paintings in the Van Gogh Museum among Japanese tourists.

The photographs made by the Japanese and Dutch photographers which depict Vincent’s love of nature, have a special relationship to the spot where they are now exhibited: his parents’ garden filled with flowers and fruit trees. Here the impressions of his youth are still tangible.

The exhibition runs until 8 March 2015.