The Hague, city of sports

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From football to tennis and from sailing to beach volleyball, The Hague loves sports! That and its excellent facilities, easy accessibility and good infrastructure make The Hague a popular host for big international sports events.

Sports diversity in a city with two faces

Whether it is the City Pier City Run, the Red Bull Knock Out or The Hague Pro Freestyle and Rock a Rail, The Hague offers the perfect facilities and infrastructure to host international events for many sports. On the beach and in the city, from beach and water sports to extreme sports, it’s all in The Hague. 

High-end, attractive top sports facilities as icons for the city and sports

The Hague wants to continue building a top-of-the-line sports infrastructure that it can be proud of. An infrastructure that puts the city on the map and symbolises how valuable The Hague believes sports to be. The Sea Sailing Port and Beach City, with the Beach Stadium representing its beating heart, are locations that not only allow (top) athletes to pursue their sports but also enable The Hague to present itself as a city by the sea. And with the new Zuiderpark Sports Campus, The Hague will be gaining a sports centre that will provide space for students, athletes, sports clubs, as well as (independent) sports organisations in the city.

At least one international (top-level) sports event per year, for and from the entire city

Popular sports events, especially top-level ones, contribute to the image of The Hague as a sportive city, put the city on the map, promote commitment and inspiration, keep the city alive and attractive, and offer opportunities for social and economic spinoffs. This is why The Hague intends to draw at least one big (top) sports event to the city every year. Not just on behalf of top sports but also and primarily for the benefit of the city and its population.  Top sports can stimulate the city overall, and grassroots sports in particular.

The past and present of historic sports events

The Hague, city of sports by the sea, has hosted countless unique events and will continue to do so in the future.