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Accommodations in Friesland

Friesland is the perfect province to visit during your vacation. In Friesland, you will find various accommodations. In Leeuwarden you can sleep in the cells of an old prison. Alongside the lakes, you will find vacation resorts by the water, and situated throughout Friesland you can find various B&Bs and special hotel rooms.

Hotels in Friesland

Hotel Post Plaza

The characteristic hotel Grand Hotel Plaza is situated in the 18th-century building. It has modern rooms, a luxurious wellness center and its own garden with an outdoor café.

Hotel Stadsherberg Sneek

You can stay in this cozy hotel next to the Sneeker Waterpoort and nearby the Sneek train station. The hotel itself has a Grand Café, but there are also various cafés and restaurants nearby you can visit.

Hotel Zeezicht

'Zeezicht' means 'sea view', and here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Wadden Sea and the Harlingen harbor. The train station and the ferry to the Wadden islands of Vlieland and Terschelling are within walking distance.

Hotels in Friesland

View the broad offer of hotels, B&Bs and apartments in and around Friesland. Enjoy the versatile destination of Friesland with its beautiful nature, museums and water sports activities. You can also discover Friesland by bicycle with the many bicycle routes that run through Friesland.

Visit Friesland

With its monumental mills, beautiful national parks, landscapes and lakes, Friesland is worth a visit. The typical Frisian villages and Leeuwarden, its buzzing capital, are also highly recommended.

Unique accommodations in Friesland

Spend a night in prison

Get your own alibi and spend a night in the Alibi Hostel where the former cells have been transformed into sleeping quarters.

Spend the night high above ground

The water tower hotel in Nes offers suites at an altitude of 41 metres. Equipped with all the luxury you can imagine and a beautiful panoramic view.

Spend a night in a wine barrel

Ever woken up in a 15,000 litre wine barrel? You can at Stavoren! A truly unique accomodation for two.

Special Bed & Breakfasts in Friesland