Group Accommodation in Holland

Visit the Netherlands with a group of friends or with your extended family. Various types of accommodation, ranging from basic to deluxe, cater to groups. You can quite often book a package deal that includes accommodation and one or several activities.  

Locations and Services 

You can choose from a plain farmhouse, a country house with many facilities, an inn or even a ship. Holland also has ample group accommodation suitable for people with special needs and senior citizens. 

Book your Group Accommodation

Most private owners of group accommodation advertise on the internet or in local papers. You can also ask the local Tourist Information Office (VVV) for advice.  

For group tours for people with special needs, we advise you to contact the ‘Nederlandse Branchevereniging voor Aangepaste Vakanties’ (NBAV - Dutch trade organization for holidays for people with special needs). Telephone number: +31 (0)88 - 33 55 700.