Group accommodations in Holland

Want to go on a holiday with the entire family? Enjoy Holland with a group of friends or several families? We offer various group accommodations throughout Holland. Will you choose a farm in Friesland, a big holiday villa by the sea, or perhaps a stay on a big ship with the entire group? Now that will be fun! 

Group holidays

Whether you are going on a holiday with a big group of friends or several families, there is always a group accommodation that meets your requirements. From modest to luxurious, from small-scale to gigantic, the wide selection of group accommodations include a great spot for every group. There are even holiday homes suitable for more than fifty people!

How about spending your nights at a historical farm castle, relaxing on the water on a ship, or enjoying the luxury environment of a villa? Whether you prefer the beaches in Zeeland, the dunes of Texel, or pleasure-loving Limburg, we have selected our favorite group accommodations for you.

Selected for you

Sailing trips with a group

Experience complete freedom and discover the Dutch water landscapes on one of Holland Sail’s ships. The traditional sailing ships take you to picturesque villages and offer wondrous views. You can opt for a catering or groceries service and combine your trip with a beach walk, cycling tour, and/or fun or cultural excursions. Will you be traveling solo, with friends, or your big family? Join one of the scheduled tours or rent your own sailing ship and crew.

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Explore Center Parcs Holland

Go for endless walks on the most beautiful beaches and sleep in a holiday home surrounded by nature at Center Parcs Holland. Each park has its own unique characteristics and offers a range of accommodations, with adventure and entertainment for the entire family!

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