Holiday homes in the city

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A holiday home in the city is a great way to make a good city trip even better. You eat, drink, sleep and live among the locals.

  • In addition to holiday homes, you can also book a houseboat as a holiday accommodation in several Dutch cities.
  • After shopping and sightseeing, you’ll come ‘home’ to a quiet spot. Relax and enjoy your off time in your own home in the city center.
  • Find your holiday home in one of Holland’s great cities here.

A morning walk to the market? Drop off your shopping bags before you’re off again? A quick change between dinner and a party? With a holiday home in the city your city trip feels more relaxed.


If you are planning a city trip to Amsterdam, a holiday home or an apartment in the city centre can be a great alternative to a hotel. And depending on the size of your group, it might also be cheaper! Plus, chances are you will be staying in a special location in the city. Surrounded by the locals: no better way to experience Amsterdam! You can also book a holiday home in cities such as The Hague, Maastricht, Rotterdam, and Utrecht.

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Holiday homes in the city are available in various types, from apartments and houseboats to spacious villas or houses along the canals. Our complete offer of holiday homes in the city includes all types of holiday homes, whether you’re travelling alone or with a group, on a shoestring or on a spending spree. Check out our complete offer of holiday homes in the city and find the one that suits you!