Lakeside vacation homes


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Take a refreshing dip in the cool water in the morning, be sitting on the dock with your fishing rod by noon and enjoy the sunset in the evening - a lakeside home promises pure relaxation. And a lakeside vacation is also great for all kinds of watersports, of course.

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  • There are lots of beautiful vacation homes in Friesland and Zeeland.

A lakeside vacation

From simple wooden cottages and house boats to luxurious villas with their own moorings - find your ideal lakeside vacation home here and spend some time relaxing, overlooking sailing boats and rolling waves. Many wonderful lakeside vacation homes await for a fantastic, varied holiday, especially with children. Grab yourself a boat, surfboard, canoe or rubber dinghy and make your way to Holland! Typical lakeside scenery can be found in Friesland. However, all other regions of the Netherlands have fantastic lakes and estuaries too - and your dream vacation home is already there, waiting for you.

Sea or lake?

Instead of a lake, people often refer to “plassen”.  The Loosdrecht and Vinkeveense Plassen [lakes] near Utrecht are some of the most beautiful lake regions in Holland and many wealthy Dutch people have built weekend homes there, directly on the lake. But there are also unique vacation homes there for tourists, directly on the lake, often with their own moorings.

Book a lakeside vacation home

You will find many vacation homes directly on the lake, including detached bungalows or chalets in a holiday park, via the following link.