Vacation homes on the North Sea

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The Dutch North Sea coast is a popular travel destination. Breathe in the fresh North Sea air in the fall and winter, enjoy the first rays of sunshine in the spring and come to the North Sea to sunbathe and build sandcastles in the summer. There are many beautiful vacation homes waiting for you on the North Sea coast.

  • The North Sea is a popular travel destination at any time of year.
  • Whether on the mainland or North Sea islands - enjoy long beaches, clean water and dune landscapes.
  • Book a vacation home with a view of the North Sea or a marina.

The Dutch North Sea coast

Have you already decided exactly where on the Dutch coast you would like to spend your vacation? The Dutch North Sea coast is divided into the following sections (from south to north):

  • On the south coast of the Netherlands lies the province Zeeland, which is known for its North Sea beaches, many hours of sunshine, idyllic ports and clear sea water. It is geared up for tourists and there are many vacation homes available directly on the North Sea beach or nearby.
  • To the north, Zeeland borders the province South Holland, which also enjoys a long North Sea coastline. Attractive seaside resorts such as Noordwijk, Katwijk und Scheveningen are located in South Holland. This North Sea region remains an attractive travel destination all year round because it is also home to remarkable cities such as The Hague. There is a wide range of vacation homes - whether in a manor house or an apartment building with a view of the North Sea.
  • The province North Holland is home to the seaside resorts of Zandvoort and Bergen aan Zee, among others. Along the long, sandy beaches, dunes run into fields of flowers - a magnificent sight, especially in the spring! And with a bit of luck, you might find a vacation home overlooking tulips and windmills here.
  • The Dutch North Sea islands Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog are very popular among holidaymakers. And it’s no wonder, because both the North Sea and the Wadden Sea offer long walks and beach life. These North Sea islands have an abundance of vacation homes - the largest North Sea island Texel in particular boasts a wide range of vacation homes and apartments.

Vacation homes on the North Sea

The Dutch North Sea coast is home to many beautiful vacation homes by the sea - whether for a holiday as a couple or with your whole family. Or do you want to take your dog on holiday to Holland with you? Your dog is welcome at a number of North Sea beaches.

Those seeking the extraordinary could stay in a lighthouse directly by the sea. You will not find many vacation homes on the North Sea that offer a more breathtaking view of the ocean. Or maybe you would prefer a luxury apartment on the North Sea with a view of the marina. Just take a look at the wide range of vacation homes on the North Sea offered by our partner.