Vacation on the farm

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Idyllic thatched house or stately country estate, a farm with livestock or a former barn - everyone can find the right place for an unforgettable vacation on the farm in Holland.

  • Between windmills and pastures: Book a vacation that’s in harmony with nature on the farm.
  • A children’s paradise: frolic and play in the open air all day.
  • You don’t have to compromise on luxury - there are farms with their own pools and open fires.

Holland and farming

The Netherlands is traditionally a trading nation. However, farming has played an important role for centuries. It’s easy to imagine the many windmills used for the drainage of the arable land and pastures. They still shape the landscape today, together with grazing sheep and cows. We can thank them for the tasty cheese and delicious milk products. Holland has also made a name for itself in tomato- and vegetable-growing. A number of farms in Holland sell their home-grown products from their own homes. Many farms allow you to take a look in a stable and watch them at work too.

Spend your vacation on a farm

homes. A vacation on the farm promises a break amongst cows, tulips and windmills. Holland - purely idyllic! And the sea is not usually far away, so that you can combine your vacation on the farm with long walks on the beach.

Most vacation farms are located in the Dutch provinces Gelderland and Overijssel. Gelderland, the Netherlands’ largest province, will captivate you with its diverse landscape of forests, heathlands and sands. Nature puts on a very impressive show in the De Hoge Veluwe national park. The province Overijssel is also very green – ideal for a vacation on the farm. From your farmhouse, you can easily explore your surroundings on foot or by bicycle.

Benefits of a vacation on the farm

A vacation on the farm is the perfect option for families with children. On the farm, you can spend the whole day with animals - you can even get involved yourself or pick an apple from a tree. Open the doors - and your children are outside in the fresh air. There is plenty of room to frolic about. And because you prepare your food yourself in the vacation home or farmhouse, you can stock up on fresh vegetables and potatoes from farmers. Delicious!

For those who prefer something more distinguished and comfortable there are country homes with their own pools or open fires for cozy evenings in the countryside.

Book a vacation on the farm

You will be astonished at the fantastic farms in the Netherlands where you can spend your vacation. You will find thatched farms with their own ponds and child-friendly farmhouses with their own playgrounds and playrooms. You can see which countryside vacation homes visitors to Holland have rated the best here:

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