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Waterfront holiday homes

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A holiday home at the lake guarantees a great vacation. Whether you’re with friends or family, you can go sailing, surfing, swimming, or fishing every day! Or just relax in the garden and enjoy the water spectacle with boats and birds and the sound of reeds in a breeze. In a land with so much water, there’s always a waterfront holiday home that’s perfect for you.

  • Holland is a land of water.
  • There is a wide selection of holiday homes by the water.
  • There are lots of beautiful vacation homes in Friesland and Zeeland.


Lakes, rivers, canals, channels... Holland is water. The best-known water provinces are Zeeland and Friesland. Zeeland is a delta province with extensive estuaries, whereas Friesland is a province of lakes connected by canals and waterways. But you can also book a waterfront holiday home in other parts of Holland. How about the IJsselmeer coast, or the Loosdrechtse and Vinkeveense Plassen near Utrecht and the beautiful town of Giethoorn.

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Waterfront holiday homes are available for all tastes, from basic apartments, to houseboats, to luxurious villas with a private jetty. Our complete holiday home offer includes all types of waterfront holiday homes, whether you’re travelling alone or with a group, on a shoestring or on a spending spree. Check out our complete offer of waterfront holiday homes and find the holiday home in Holland.  

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