Explore Center Parcs Holland

Whether you’re exploring Holland’s most picturesque beauty spots, splashing around in a tropical swimming paradise, dining out or even unwinding in a luxury spa, a Center Parcs holiday in the Netherlands offers a truly memorable experience.

An unforgettable holiday in Holland

Each of the nine Center Parcs’ holiday parks in Holland has its own special character – from the Mediterranean atmosphere of De Eemhof, through to the unspoiled nature of Het Meerdal and Het Heijderbos, where guests can traverse through tropical flora in the Jungle Dome. Holidays at Center Parcs also offer the chance to take on a huge selection of family activities, ranging from ziplines to climbing, swimming and sports. There’s also a selection of special lodgings for a luxurious and relaxing stay, including De Kempervennen’s houseboats, the seaside properties at Zandvoort and spacious cottages nestled in the middle of the beautiful forests of Limburg at Limburgse Peel. Best of all, you can access a range of discounts throughout the year.

  • Explore unspoilt nature and beaches at Center Parcs holiday parks.
  • Join in a range of adventurous indoor and outdoor activities for families.
  • Take advantage of numerous offers available throughout the year.

10 reasons to book your next Center Parcs experience!

Discover the best reasons to book a family-friendly holiday at Center Parcs in Holland.

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