Hotels in Holland

Have you already booked a hotel for your stay in Holland? Make sure you find the hotel that is your perfect choice. Would you prefer a boutique hotel in one of the bigger cities or rather a place surrounded by nature? You can also find cheap hotels or hotels in special locations here.

Our tips for hotels in Amsterdam

Hotels in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a wide selection of special hotels. In the city center, opt for one of the stylish boutique hotels or enjoy the facilities at the chic accommodations. If you are travelling low budget, check out the selection of cheap hotels and hostels.

Hotels on the coast

The Dutch coast is a popular destination to spend a few days. Make sure you book the right hotel by the sea well in advance. Would you like a hotel right off the beach or in one of the beautiful seaside cities? Book a hotel in Haarlem, The Hague, Rotterdam, or Scheveningen, where you can enjoy the city but are still near the seaside.

Unique hotels for a special stay

Want to stay on a boat, in an airplane or a tipi? It may not sound like it’s comfortable but you will want for nothing at these hotels. There are unique accommodations throughout Holland, where you will sleep in the most extraordinary places whilst enjoying every luxury and comfort.

Another popular option in Holland: staying at a Bed and Breakfast. These offer the most beautiful rooms in  a personal setting: the perfect way to explore Holland.

City hotels

Hotels in Amsterdam

Discover the best hotels, hostels and bed & breakfasts in Amsterdam here.

Hotels in The Hague

Discover The Hague’s broad range of hotels and book yours right away.

Hotels in Maastricht

Discover Maastricht’s best hotels and book yours right away.

Hotels in Utrecht

With so many wonderful hotels in Utrecht, it’s difficult to choose!

Hotels in Rotterdam

Spending the night in the city center, with a view of the Meuse river or on a cruise ship - everything is possible in Rotterdam!

Unique Accommodation

Popular hotels in Holland

Waterfront hotels

Spend the night in one of the many beautifully situated waterfront hotels.

Hotels by the sea

Take a look around and find your favorite hotel by the sea here.

Hotels in a green environment

A hotel in the forest guarantees the best nature holidays.

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