Hotels in a green environment


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With a hotel in the forest, you are surrounded by nature. Open your window or walk outside and you can hear the birds over the sound of the wind in the trees. Breathe in the smell of the forest and feel your holiday start right away. A hotel in a green environment allows you to go hiking or biking through the woods or heathlands every day.


With hundreds of nature reserves, you won’t have any trouble finding a hotel in a natural environment. Almost all these hotels offer bicycle rent and maps, so you can go exploring right after you’ve dropped off your bags. Depending on the number of stars your hotel has (up to five star hotels), it can offer a range of facilities. Some hotels have Michelin-worthy restaurants with exquisite menus to really treat your taste buds. Near many hotels you can also find sports facilities where you can play tennis or golf.

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Hotels in the forest come in a wide variety: from cozy family hotels to five star hotels with wellness, golf and an excellent kitchen. Our complete hotel offer includes all types of hotels, whether you’re travelling alone or with a group, on a shoestring or on a spending spree. Check out our complete offer of nature hotels and find the perfect hotel in Holland.