Family walking on the beach with grandparents
Family walking on the beach with grandparents

Holland on a budget

Travel through Holland with a limited budget. Even a small budget is plenty to allow you to fully enjoy a wide variety of activities, museums, culture, architecture, nature and other Dutch highlights. The overview below is a collection of attractions that you can visit for free or for just a few euros. This way your trip to Holland can give you maximum enjoyment for a minimal cost.

Museums with low admission fees

Be surprised by the unbelievable drawings by M.C. Escher.

Spend hours looking at the museum’s impressive modern art collection which encompasses Ecole de Paris, Art informel, COBRA, minimal art, Arte Povera and Neo-expressionism

Dedicated to all things cheese, the museum presents objects which illustrate the history of cheese-making, farm-ing culture and dairy trade in Holland.

The history of The Hague and its inhabitants.

The Amsterdam Tulip Museum traces the history of the tulip.

History museums

Amsterdam Museum

An interactive journey through the history of Amsterdam.