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IJsselmeer Tour by bicycle

The famous IJsselmeer Tour, also known as the Zuiderzee bicycle route, is one of the loveliest long-distance cycle routes in Holland. You will ride through beautiful historic fishing villages, unique nature reserves and wide polder landscapes.

  • One of the most popular long-distance cycle routes.
  • Four hundred kilometres of cycling enjoyment for real bicycle lovers!
  • Through a unique quintessentially Dutch landscape.

Historic towns

The tour is four hundred kilometres long and shows you Holland at its very best! You will visit Amsterdam of course, as well as old Dutch villages like Volendam, Edam and Marken. These villages are centuries old and have retained their medieval narrow streets, canals and drawbridges. In Enkhuizen with its Zuiderzee Museum, you will have the opportunity to explore life as it used to be around what was once the Zuiderzee. Other unique sites you will discover on this IJsselmeer Tour are Spakenburg and Bunschoten. These are deeply religious villages in which people still live traditionally, trading fish, bread and biscuit. Hundreds of women still wear their traditional costumes daily. Visiting the towns on the itinerary of the Eleven Cities Tour (ice-skating marathon), such as Workum, Hindelopen and Stavoren, is another highlight of the tour.

Nature reserves

In addition, the route will take you through extraordinary nature reserves like the Wieden and Weerribben. The Veluwe forests and wonderful polder views add even more natural beauty to the tour.

Practical information

The IJsselmeer Tour consists of the following three national bicycle routes: LF21, LF22 and LF23. The complete bicycle tour takes eight days to complete although you can always shorten or modify your route – for instance using the ‘junction routes’.

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Natural sites

National Park Weerribben-Wieden

Rent a canoe or take a boat trip on an electric boat through this unique Dutch wetland.

Sights to see

The Afsluitdijk

Drive along the 32 km Afsluitdijk between fresh and saltwater from North Holland to Friesland. Discover more about this dike and causeway.

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